Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fall Into Protective Styling with Xotica Hair!

Hello To My Nappturally Chic Beauties!!!

The weather is getting crisp and cold making it the perfect time to tuck your tresses away and experiment with new protective styles.

I have been rocking kinky/curly hair for years and I wanted a way to play with a straighter texture without compromising the health of my natural hair. I decided to install a straight textured hair by wearing a sew-in. Finding straight textured hair that looks and feels natural to a curly/kinky textured girl like me has always been a challenge because straight hair can often times look too silky and too shiny. Just when I was about to give up, an amazing black own company out of Canada, Xotica Hair, contacted me about their hair. As soon as navigated through the pages of their website, I knew I found exactly what I was looking for.

The Run Down:
This hair is EVERYTHING!!! Here's Why...

* Natural Luster and Shine *
* Amazing Density which gives amazing Body *
* Great Manageability *
* Little to No Shedding *
* Maintains during Heat Styling *
* Holds Styles *
* Natural Feel *

I received three bundles of Xotica Hair's Kinky Straight Collection and One Free-Part Lace Closure. Straight out of the package, I was impressed with how thick and beautiful the bundles were. While most companies state that each bundle is 3.5 - 4 ounces, consumers are usually left with bundles that are light and sparse. Xotica came through with a full 4 ounces and beautiful hair coupled with amazing density giving me body for days!  

My Install:
I cornrowed my natural hair straight back and sowed the wefts leaving a small amount of space between each row to minimize tangles. I also installed a beautiful natural lace closure that gave my hair the ultimate protection while maintaining a natural appearance. The closure is EVERYTHING!!! So natural, so versatile, and I will be able to reuse again! 

I wore this hair for an entire month and it maintained it's quality, had minimal shedding and detangling, and the closure remained in tact and beautiful. 

Final Thoughts:
This hair is worth every penny! It is high quality hair that perfectly mimics my blown out and straighten natural hair. I love it! If you are looking for high quality hair, visit Xoticahair.com. The variety and quality will astound you. 

Visit Xotica Hair 
Instagram:  - @xoticahair 
Twitter - @xoticahair 

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