Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Make 2015 YOUR YEAR!!!

As the New Year Approaches, our timelines, text messages, and emails are flooded with phrases like the one above. We read post after post of people proclaiming that this year will be different, this year is my year, this year my dreams are going to come true. It is honestly a New Year's tradition; out with the old and in with the new. When the clock strikes at midnight, people erupt into a celebration because they can begin to write the first entry of a 365 page book. 

Unfortunately, by the middle of February, the same promises and proclamations we made are already broken. We are fused to same problems and bad habits of the previous year and we, once again, anxiously await for the new year to change. 

I completely understand the excitement that the New Year brings. I know it is a chance to start a new and the opportunity to change, but why do we wait until a special day on calendar to change our lives, chase our dreams, and make things happen? Why wait?? 

If you want to change your live, change your career, chase a dream, end a bad habit, or get out of an unhealthy situation, why are you waiting for the New Year. This day does not hold some secret to changing your life, you do. There is so much power in you because of who created you, so utilize your strength and your power to make things happen right now!

Here is the secret:

1) Set a specific goal that is measurable. When setting goals, think of all the smaller adjustments you can make in you life to accomplish that big goal and list them on a piece of paper in a form of a to-do list. Master each "sub-goal" checking them off one by one until your "big" goal is attainable. This helps you to truly change your lifestyle and accomplish your goal in a real way.

For Example: Big Goal: I want to loose 20 pounds this year!
                       Sub Goals; I will cut out junk food three days a week, I will walk around my block                                             three times a week,I will do a mile on the treadmill, I will count calories,                                               etc...

2) Visual Your Goals: Post visual representations of your goals in the places that you frequently look at. Seeing a visual reminder of your goal every morning before you start your day can definitely help set the tone for a day that breeds success in relation to accomplishing your goal.

3) Stay accountable to your Goal: Find a friend or family member that wants to see you win as much as you do. Tell this person your goal and share your struggles and triumphs with this person as you endure this journey of change.

4) Celebrate your success: With each milestone accomplished and each positive step you take, celebrate your success. Write a brief note to yourself explaining how proud you are of yourself, meet with your goal buddy to celebrate your success, or treat yourself.

NOW is the time to CHANGE your LIFE!! DON'T WAIT!
All the best and Happy New Year

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