Friday, November 7, 2014

Hair Update!!!

Hey Chíc-istas!

I recently celebrated a birthday and I just knew I wanted to do something drastically different to my hair. After going back and forth with the idea of cutting my hair into a tapered cut, I finally decided to play it a little safe and color it instead.

Now when I say color, I mean really color it darling!! I was inspired by Charjays's new color combination and decided, "Hey! You only live once, so go for it!

I made an appointment with a professional hairstylist to ensure that my hair was colored without over processing it or damaging it. I did a protein treatment the week before my appointment to ensure the optimal health of my hair and I decided on a two tone look: dark reddish brown in the back and light reddish blonde in the front. 

I was so nervous but I really wanted a change! I was worried that this change would be one that I would hate lol. 

 Colors used: 6.44 in the back and a 9.1 in the front. 

Look at that color!!! 

I love the color combination of the highlights and low lights 

Before and After! I love my new Color!!

Now that I do have a color I have to stay on top on my healthy hair regiment. I have the fight the lazy natural inside and take care of my fiery mane. I think this 
  • 1) I am deep conditioning weekly.
  • 2) Doing a Protein Treatment every six weeks and a Keratin treatment every two weeks. 
  • 3) Moisturizing and Sealing every other night
  • 4) Limiting heat (which is going to be so hard because the weather is so nice and my stretched hair looks amaze-balls in the winter!!)
  • 5) I am also planning on wearing my hair in its shrunken state and doing low manipulation styles. 

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