Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Into a Beautiful Face!

Are you looking for a instant upgrade to your makeup routine for the Fall season? If you are, let our Beauty and Skin Care Contributor, Mauria Smith, help you "Fall" into a Beautiful Face with these amazing tips.

 1. Healthy, natural looking skin is the quintessential fall look! When choosing foundations, concealers and powders look for products that have more of a satin-like finish which is closest to our skin's natural texture. This will help in avoiding that dreaded "cakey", heavy, and overly matte appearance that isn't as appealing. The key is to still appear natural even if you're wearing a lot of products on the skin. Less is always more, even when you're not wearing less! 

2. Choosing colors for eyes, lips or cheeks can be quite challenging and troublesome for many when looking to switch it up for fall, but it doesn't have to be. Simply look to the beautiful and ornate changes in nature for inspiration while in search for your new fall look. All of those gorgeous, rich, warm hues of copper, orange, deep rust, red and burgundy that we see as the season changes are a perfect choice for any skin tone. 

3. As summer changes into fall, you'll begin to notice not only the changes in nature's colors, but also textures. The same should be said about the makeup looks that we wear. Instead of grabbing your favorite, summertime, go-to gloss, apply a nice lip conditioner or lip primer, and use a lip color that has a matte or satin finish. These types of textures on the lips give a more defined, sharp edge to your overall look. However, if you're someone that just has to have a glossy lip, go back to my number two tip and choose a deep, warm shade to stay in the trend. Bare in mind that the actual rich, warm color choice is what will keep you in trend.


4. It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul so adorn them beautifully by trying a few simple tricks. Apply to the bottom lash line, with an angled or small eyeshadow brush, a dark brown or black eyeshadow in lieu of an actual black pencil or cream liner for a softer look. Without the presence of the bold, harsh black liner in the water line and the slightly deeper hues of brown or black on the lash line, the eye will have a more open and brighter appearance. This is also great to try for smaller eyes to make them appear larger. To really make the eyes pop and look wider, apply a skin tone or a white eyeliner in the waterline and then use the dark brown or black shadow on the bottom lash line. This works well whether you're going with a dramatic or natural look for the eyes.

5. Not really in the market right now for a whole new makeup haul just to keep up with the new fall trends?  Look no further than your current makeup stash. Apply a natural tan or taupe eyeshadow to the eyelid with a hint of deep brown or plum in the crease with a touch of mascara, eyeliner and even false lashes if you'd like. Use a  deep, rich brown, red, wine or burgundy lipliners that you already own and apply over the entire lip as your lipstick color. This is an inexpensive way to stay on trend. Apply a lip primer prior to applying the liner of your choice to help it glide on smoother and last even longer. Dust on a beautiful bronzy blush and...VIOLA! You're now ready for fall! 
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