Saturday, October 25, 2014

Natural Hair Trends: The Tapered Cut

There is a blazing and chic trend taking the natural hair world by storm...The tapered cut is dynamic, fresh, edgy, bold, and beautiful!

This style and cut is magic because it is the perfect cross between femininity and edginess and it is a quick way to modernize anyone's natural or relaxed look. 

Here are my top five reasons why I love the Tapered Cut...

1) It takes some of the sting out of doing a big chop. A lot of people shy away from the big chop because they fear it will look out of style or boyish. The tapered cut allows you to big chop your hair while falling into one of the natural hair community's biggest trends.

2) It finally gives options to new naturals who are looking for ways to bring some life to their TWA or short to medium lengths. The dreaded in-between phase is over with this fresh and innovative style. 

3) It has a shape that is really flattering on all face shapes. If you have a fuller face, leave more hair on the sides and a keep a majority of your hair on the top. Slim face: go Halle Berry low darling... You can pull it off. Long face: Rock your tapered look with a high side part and swoop your hair to the side.

4) It gives you an Instant Upgraded Look! Sometimes on this journey, you achieve the length and health that you wanted but you are bored. Every twistout looks the same, every braidout is painfully identical to the last, and you know it's time to shake things up... What better way to uograde your hair than in an edgy style that screams, I am so chic!!!!

5) Color + Tapered Cut= Magic! There is zone of dopeness that is surpassed when you edge out your look with this cut... That zone is redefined when you add some bold color to the tips of your newly created style. Total and complete Hairstyling MAGIC! 

Well, are you thinking about taking the plunge... Why not? 

Hugs and Love!!!


  1. I have a question for anyone out there. How do i keep my twist outs looking good through out the day. I twist my hair every night. Untwist in the morning how ever by the evening its like I didnt even twist my hair its just one big poof. HElP!

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