Monday, April 13, 2015

Nappturally Chic Jeré's Beauty Favs!!!

Here is a list of my all time favorite and most used Beauty (Makeup) Products. I tend to keep things simple and use neutral palettes on my eyes and use pops of color on my lips. My routine is very simple, cost effective, and easy to apply. I'm working on two get ready with me videos... one is for work (everyday looks) and the other is my "glammed" out look. 

1. My favorite foundation is the Iman Second to None Stick Foundation. I have a review of it HERE. I love it because it matches my skin tone perfectly and because it gives me nice and even coverage without looking overly made up. I use Clay 5 in the Winter when my skin lightens up a bit and I use Earth 1 in the summer months when the hot Florida sun gives me a tan. 

2. Concealer- I use Fit Me in 30 or L.A Girl Pro (Toffee/Fawn) to highlight under my eyes and even out the darkness around my mouth and eyes. I love both products! Together these are a great dupe for MAC's concealer. 

3. Finally, I set my foundation and concealer with Covergirl's Press Power in Tawny! I loooovvve this stuff. Sets my makeup and gives me a nice and warm glow. 

1. Having a defined and nicely shaped brow is so important to any makeup look. Since most of us aren't born with perfectly arched eyebrows, we need a little help every now and then. My all time favorite product to naturally fill in my brows without giving me the dreaded sharpie marker look is Anastasia's Dip Brow in chocolate. The color, the texture, and ease of application make this product a winner in my book. I love it! 

1. For my everyday eye look, I keep it very simple. I love using Covergirl's Queen Eye Shadow Quad in Desert Bronze. I simply and lightly sweep the gold color over my eyelids and use the deep brown eye shadow for some slight crease action and to line my eyes. Perfect color combination for ladies who don't want to have overdone eye makeup. 

2. Sometimes, I skip eye shadow all together and just line my eyes with Covergirl's Ink It liner. I usually use the black liner to line my lids to help my lashes pop and then use the aquamarine ink (light blue) or the Golden Ink (shimmery golden) to add a pop of color to my waterline. 

3. My eyes aren't complete without a coat of mascara. I love Covergirl's Lash Blast! I apply two coats on on the top and bottom to make my eyes pop. 

1. I used to be the girl who was anti-department brand cosmetics. I could never justify why it was necessary to pay more than 15 dollars for any one cosmetics product. For the most part, I'm still like that, but your girl will bend when it comes to MAC lippies! The colors, the matte finish, the longevity, and the ease of application that comes with a MAC lipstick is so worth the $15 it cost. I have never found a lipstick that makes me feel like MAC's, Candy Yum Yum(hot pink color), Ruby Woo (a red that will make you feel so sexy), and Morange (a orange that makes me feel like a glowing). I absolutely love these shades. I recently added Snob and Heroine to my collection and I can't wait to try them. I think I may be a little addictive to these lippies... Oh well! It is sooo worth it! 

Contour, Highlight, and Blush

Contouring and highlighting isn't included in my everyday makeup routine but when I want to achieve a glamorous version of my everyday look, I add it in.

1) Highlighting is the perfect way to add some sun kissed shimmer to your face while creating a natural and effortless glow. I highlight using MAC's Gold Deposit by sweeping this lustrous and beautiful
golden color along the highest point of my cheeks, the middle of my forehead, along the bridge of my nose, and chin. I love this stuff!! 

2) I contour using Covergirl's Ebony Bronzer by adding slight color around my cheek bones, jaw, and temples to give me a more defined cheek, and all around structured face. I don't go crazy with the contour... I just lightly infuse a little bit of color on these areas...still natural with a little pop. 

3) Blush is another easy way to complete your look and again, I go for blush that enhances my natural complexion and helps me to create the overall glowing look I love. I love Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick in Coral Sheen. This color works perfectly with my complexion by depositing a subtle yet noticeable coral color that shimmers and reflects light! 

Well Here are My Favorite Make Up Looks

Natural look: Minimal EyeShadow and foundation with a Bold Lip!
 This is basically my face a majority of the time
Here is an Example of a bolder look.
Here you can see the contouring and highlighting,
 heavier eyeshadow, and pronounced eyelashes
I look like this on date night/Sundays/Events.

If you have any questions about products, how I use these products or if you want to see a video, please comment below and I will try my best to assist you. 

As Always, Be Chic, Be Beautiful, Be You!!!

Hugs and Love,


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