Thursday, October 23, 2014

Increase your level of Happiness with Gratitude

Sometimes it is so easy to find yourself boggled down with the menial task of life. You could be in a job you dislike, a relationship that is on decline, feeling stuck in a current position, or simply stressed by the basic responsibilities of your role in life.

When these things happen, it is very easy to loose sight of your happiness and give into the feeling of despair, discontentment, and depression. 

I remember feeling complete despair over one situation, so much so, that every aspect of my life was taken over by this problem. I couldn't see the silver lining on the dark cloud that seemed to follow me and I felt like there was nothing to smile about. 

As soon as I began to give in to that feeling, I heard the words to a familiar song marathon through my head: "count your blessings, name them one by one. Then you'll remember what The Lord has done." 

In that very moment, I took out a pen and notepad and started to reflect on all the things I should be grateful for. I started with general things that most could list: life, health, friends, family, etc... After exhausting that list, I began to dig deep and make my list personal! I wrote down the the things that God has specifically done just for me and as my pen filled the paper with this extremely personal and intimate letter of thank, tears streamed down my face. I almost felt guilty for letting one problem darken the many areas of God given joys in my life. 

After doing this activity, I began to realize how blessed I was and took an inventory on the many times I was protected, loved, and shown favor... I was already a conqueror because I have done it again and again and again. 

Practicing gratitude immediately increased my happiness because I began to purposely look at my life through the lens of "thank you God" instead of "why me God?" I began to understand that the few problems I have pale in comparison to many blessings I've experienced and continue to experience... I couldn't help but smile and find my happy! 

If you are feeling like your happiness  is decreasing and you have nothing to be grateful for, please join me for a month of gratitude. From tomorrow, October 24th to November 24th, let's start each morning with a moment of reflection that focuses on one specific thing that you are grateful for. 

 If you would like to share these moments of thanks, please email us at Jere.reid11@gmail.com with a picture of yourself and what you are grateful for. 

On Thanksgiving Day, I will share all of your pictures and moments of gratefulness so that we can all be reminded to increase our happiness with gratefulness! 

Thanks for reading and supporting, 
Hugs and love, 


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