Sunday, April 12, 2015

20 Random Facts About Me...

1) I'm probably the clumsiest person you will ever meet... I am constantly tripping or bumping into something. Lol. I think it is because I have really long legs and arms.

2) If I could pick any career besides teaching, I would be a talk show host, a beauty/fashion editor for a major magazine, or a personal stylist.

3) I promise you I have seen a ghost before lol. Really and truly! The "sighting" happen in my childhood home in Brooklyn, NY. Everyone in my family has seen the ghost and the day we finally left the house after years of living there, we mysteriously found a box with old documents, family photos, etc... we think the box belongs to our friendly ghost and it was his way of saying goodbye by revealing who he as... don't judge me, LOL!

4) I have a super weak immune system... I'm always sick! Between being the mom of two school aged children, being a high school teacher, and suffering from allergies and asthma since childhood, I just can't get a break. I'm healthiest during the summer when school is out.

5) I met my husband at the age of 17 and I'm convinced that our love story should be remade into a sappy romantic movie. I was singing a solo in the choir and he was visiting my church and after the song was done, I could feel him looking at me...lol. I introduced myself and we started a friendship and finally he told me, at 17 years old, that if we started to date it wouldn't be a typically short lived teen romance. I was thinking, who does this guy think he is?? LOL

6) I'm a pastor's daughter!!! PK All Day!! (Praise The Lord in my church lady voice lol) I never felt a tremendous amount of pressure to be perfect because I grew up in an amazing church and my Dad is an awesome pastor and leader. My parents are amazing!!

7) I come from a huge West Indian family!! ( Trinidadian and Bajan) We are a close and tight-knit group and I love it! Most of us live in the same area and meet up every single Sunday after church for a huge Sunday dinner. We spend holidays together, laugh and talk for hours. Family members that don't live close always come down for the holidays and special occasions and when the entire family is all together...omg...Some amazing moments are about to take place!! Even people that have married into the family are a part of the closeness. We even have some "adopted" family members that fit in like they are family.

8) I'm a recovering shopaholic, though that may be debatable depending on who you ask... Lol. I love to shop! In a moment of weakness, I could blow money on anything from makeup, shoes, groceries, clothing, presents, anything. I love the feeling of buying things. LOL! I am responsible about my purchases, never purchases on credit and only using the money I have after paying my tithes and my bills. I do need to save more so after going to a Dave Ramsey conference, I have been working on it! :)

9) One thing I can't spend a lot of money on is Victoria's Secret panties/bras/etc...,  I know I can get them cheaper in a pack so I can't do it!!! Lol, don't judge me!!!

10) I cry every time I watch Steel Magnolias, My Sister's Keeper, Beaches, and my new favorite The Best Man Holiday... Like bawl without fail. Sometimes if I had a stressful week at work, I pop one of these movies in for a good cry! Weird but it works. I realize what I stressing about is so small and it gives me an outlet.

11) I have the silliest humor ever. The simplest things make me laugh. I'm a very goofy person. I don't take myself too seriously and I'm probably that super loud, joyous, but obnoxious laugh that you heard in a big group of people. I like to have fun and I hate being in positions where people are afraid to laugh, make jokes, and where there is a lot of awkward conversation.

12) I have an amazing long term memory... I can remember the conversations I had from years ago, I can remember events from elementary school and junior high as if they happened yesterday. I know useless info, pop trivia, and mundane facts. The only draw back to this, is when someone hurts or angers me... I may forgive you but unfortunately, my amazing memory won't let me forget how I felt when you hurt me and our relationships may take a long time, if ever, to recover.

13) I am very quiet around people I don't know very well. If you asked the people who knew me very little and the people who knew me for a long time to describe me, you would get two completely different descriptions. I tend to observe new people first and slowly open up to them. I may seem quiet at first, but once you get to know, it is a completely different story.

14) I hate putting on makeup, lip-gloss, even Chap-stick in public. I don't even like taking out a mirror in public. I feel like I look completely vain. If I need to check my face out, I use the camera on my phone or Ipad discreetly. Lol..

15) I am a foodie!!! I love to eat amazing food. In fact, my hubby and I bond over trying to find the latest and greatest eateries. We plan weekend trips around the restaurants that we find in other areas. We love watching shows like Chopped and Diners, Dives, and Dine-Ins so If you need to find a good restaurant, ask me...I know where they all are. LOL!

16) I love to sing!!!! I'm always singing or humming,or busting out into a random song... My daughters love to sing as well and my house is often filled with us singing three different songs very loudly at the same time. My hubby says he needs to build a sound proof room in our next house to escape us. Poor Guy!

17) I love to unwind by trying on clothes in my closet. I think it is so relaxing to put different looks together, experiment, and revamp my wardrobe. I can spend hours doing that! 

18) I tried Coca-Cola for the first time a couple of months ago and now I'm addicted to the stuff. If you are wondering why it took me so long to try coca-cola, it is a very simply explanation. Growing up, my dad was the coupon, generic brand guy. instead of Coca-Cola, he purchased knock-offs like Chek and assumed they all tasted like that and never drank it until I took a sip of my sister in law's coca-cola. Life changed ! Mind Blown! LOL

19) I have a new favorite color every six months... I can be so fickle lol. I went through a yellow phase, a fuchsia phase, and I am currently in a cobalt blue phase. 

20) My name is very unique! My parents came up with it after hearing the name of 80s actor, Jimmy Walker's Wife. Jere' is pronounced Jer- Ray. The "J" has a soft "Zha" sound and the accent on the "e"gives it a long (A) sound. They tell me its french...lol! I have met about five different woman with the exact spelling and pronunciation of my name on Instagram. We started the hashtag #teamjere and hope to all meet up one day. If we meet and you say my name right the very first time, I will love you forever! LOL. I usually get called "Jerry" "Jeer" and "Jer-Ree." It's Jer-ray People LOL!

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  1. Lol at #9!! Girrrlll, I feel you! Thanks for clearing up how to say your name...I was so confused on how to say it. I can't believe you never tried cola until recently lol