Wednesday, March 12, 2014


PONDS COLD CREAM: This is one of my favorite makeup remover and skin care products that I use faithfully when removing my makeup. This cream is a deep cleansing cream that removes dirt, makeup, as well as, stubborn waterproof makeup products. The cream moisturizes the skin leaving it soft, smooth, and most importantly clean. I have combination skin and this product does not clog my pores or cause acne. Did I mention that it is very affordable and consumers are giving a surplus amount of product in the jar it is packaged. This product is available at Target and comes in several different ounce sizes starting with a 3.5 oz. - 9.5 oz. http://www.target.com/p/pond-s-cold-cream-cleanser-6-1-oz/-/A-11223385#?lnk=sc_qi_reviews&selectedTab=item-guestreviews-link
SHEA BUTTER BLACK SOAP: This is also one of my favorite skin care products that I live by and my skin loves it. This is an African black soap that treats acne, oily skin, and other skin ailments. This has been by far my favorite acne wash that works for me and my skin. It has organic ingredients which is a plus for me and hydrates the skin with its Shea butter. It is a great cleanser for removing makeup and leaves the face feeling fresh and clean. Shea moisture black soap will last you a long time because it is an 8 oz. bar soap. I use it daily to balance out my skin complexion and to treat my acne problem. This product is also a plus because it is affordable friendly and can be found at many Walgreens in your local areas along with other awesome Shea moisture products.
VITAGOODS SPIN FOR PERFECT SKIN: Vitagoods is a product that has helped my skin tremendously with acne breakouts, thoroughly cleaning my face, pores, and leaves my skin feeling younger every day. It is a value pack that comes with 4 great brush heads each designed for a specific purpose. It includes 1x Exfoliating Brush, 1x Cleansing Brush, 1x Pumice Stone, and 1x Body brush. All brush heads can be used on the face and body, takes 4 AA batteries, portable, water resistant, cleans thoroughly, and has a 380 rotation per-minute. It is affordable for just the price of $34.99 and can be purchased at Vitagoods personal website. http://vitagoods.com/spin-for-perfect-skin-brush-heads-replacement-set-of-4

Liquid Foundation Favorites:
  • Mac Studio Fix Fluid This is a liquid foundation that provides me with a matte natural finish look with medium coverage. It doesn’t clog my pores, or leave build up, easy to use and blend evenly on all skin types. It leaves my skin looking flawless, feeling smooth and covers all my imperfections. It can be found at any Mac Cosmetics store or their company website.

  • Total Coverage Concealing Foundation This is a product by Black Opal and I love this cosmetic line dearly because it is a line specifically for African American skin that works wonders for skin of color. There total coverage concealing foundation is one of my favorite products from there line because it does exactly what is stated in the name of the product. It gives me total coverage by covering up any scaring from acne and evens out my skin complexion from dark circles under the eyes, to dark spots on my face. It is a 2-in-1 product that is part concealer, part foundation and has skin protecting minerals. It provides MAXIUM coverage for all skin types and leaves a flawless matte finish. It can be found on the black Opal official website or some beauty supply stores. This is a MUST have in any makeup artist kit and is very affordable. http://www.blackopalbeauty.com/makeup/face/foundations/total-coverage-concealing-foundation

  • Tart BB Cream: Tart is another one of my favorite cosmetic lines and I love there BB cream. It is a tinted treatment 12-hour primer, moisturizer, light-weight foundation, and provides SPF 30 sunscreen protection. This cream is very light which allows for a natural youthful glow. It helps even skin tone, cover acne, and leaves the face with a smooth texture. I love this product because for days when I just want to take approximately 10 minutes to apply my makeup, this gives me an amazing look, leaving me time to spare. It’s so easy to apply and blend I am sure others will love it just as much as I do. Again, I can’t get over how light-weight Tart’s BB cream is, making sure to not clog my pores leaving my skin looking and feeling flawless. It can be found at Sephora, or Ulta.  http://www.ulta.com

  • L.A. Girl Pro Concealer This product is not only affordable friendly but is amazing. This is a concealer is creamy, light-weight, and long wearing. It covers dark circles and other skin impurities giving my face life. It is packaged in a tube that has a brush applicator making the application process very easy and incredible. It is crease resistant and a little on the face goes a very long way. This is one of the best makeup product inventions and a great product for beginners who are becoming interested in makeup. It is very affordable and can be found in many beauty supply stores as well as L.A. Girl official website where it cost a bit more than it does in the beauty supply.

BEAUTY BLENDER PRO:  The beauty blender is a product that many of us makeup fanatics, makeup artist etc. have been raving about. This is a favorite product of mines because it is one of the reasons for my flawless finishes when applying my makeup. Its shape allows me to get in the tiniest places on my face such as the creases and tear duct area of the eye when blending out concealer, foundation etc. This is a must have in any makeup kits. It is easy to clean, makes your cheap makeup look flawless if applied properly and I have to say I’m starting to like this better than my makeup brush applicators. It can be found at Sephora’s official website! 
Hugs and Love,
Nappturally Chic Jere Beauty Team

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