Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just Bloom...

When you look at a garden of beautiful flowers, they all try their best to reach towards the sun and grow as strong and beautiful as they can. They even help each other grow, as they allow nature to work and bees to pollinate each and every other flower. I have never seen a flower grow with the sole purpose of blocking another flower's view from the sun, or grow to stifle another flower's opportunity to catch their much needed carbon dioxide. I looked at my father's beautiful garden and there I saw it, each flower just bloomed! Not "worried" about the other flowers around, the other flower's height, color, size, or beauty, it just bloomed beautifully. As I explored this concept a little further, I thought about the one member of the garden that does stifle, block, and compete; The Weed. Applying this to life, I ponder about how many of us interact with each other and posed the question, Are you acting as Flower or as Weed? 

What an amazing place the world would be if we all acted like flowers instead of weeds. Imagine how many relationships would be restored if we understood that the same sun (Son) that shines on one, shines on us all. Can you imagine how many lives would be changed and be impacted if we just bloomed instead of stifled. The only person we should compete with in the garden of life is the flower we used to be. Compete against the seedling you were in order to propel yourself into becoming the beautiful, strong, majestic flower you were born to be.

If you are guilty of being a weed, don't beat yourself up... I'm not here to condemned you or call you out. Honestly, we are all guilty of having that weed mentality creep up every once in a while. If you are struggling to see yourself as a flower, memorize the quote above and every time you feel yourself competing against others, comparing yourself, or not feeling good enough.. Repeat it to yourself and just Bloom! Despite obstacles of the past, just bloom!! Despite current situations, just bloom! Despite what others think you are, just bloom!! Bloom into the wonderful flower you were destined to become and don't forget to share your story with others struggling in the garden.

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Be Chic, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!!
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