Monday, March 10, 2014

NCJ in Toronto, Canada: A Celebration of Curls II

It was such a blessing to be able to travel to Toronto, Canada to conduct a workshop on "Learning To Love Your Natural Texture." I am so thankful to Shakara Natural Hair Tips for the invite and for your trust in my message, knowledge, and skill as a presenter. You have truly given me an opportunity to grow in my passion and I am so Thankful! A special thank you to the talented Felicia Leatherwood for your amazing presentation (I learned so much!!) and for telling me that I did an amazing job (you don't know how much that means to me). Thank you Alikay Naturals for having me as a Brand Ambassador and for allowing me the privilege to be able to do demos using your amazing products. Thank you to all of the Toronto Naturals that were present, you were all such an amazing group!! We had some amazing curl talk and your warmth and love made my presentation feel like an conversation with friends. Thank you to my hubby, Jonathan, for always being supportive of my dreams, being so encouraging, thanks for being my personal photographer (lol), my driver in the snow, and mostly for being my best friend and my biggest FAN. Your belief in my dreams, my goals, and vision means the world to me! Last but certainly not least, thank you God! I am still in awe at the doors you are opening and the opportunities you are giving. You are truly a God of love and grace; your favor is unmatched to anything that I can do or say... It is through you that I am able to do anything and no matter where I can go or who I speak to you, I will always share how grateful I am to You! Thank You! Thank You!!!

Here are some pictures of my time in Toronto...

First time seeing snow since I left NY over 15 years ago... I was so excited and cold.

Jonathan and I getting ready to explore the city of Toronto.

Look at all these Toronto Naturals!! 
I always get so excited to share my passion for Natural Hair.

Doing a Demonstration on the L.O.C Method with Alikay Natural's Products

Answer questions after my presentation...

The Beautiful and Talented, Felicia Leatherwood and I.
A snap shot of my interview with Toronto Media Personality, Ivy Prospers
Thanks as always for reading!
Be Chic, Be Fabulous, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!!!

Hugs and Love, 


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