Saturday, March 8, 2014

International Women's Day!


Today I celebrate woman!!

A beautifully crafted, bonafide, masterpiece of the Creator himself! 

He was showing off when He created us....From our tenderness, quiet strength, and our loving touch. Aesthetically our beauty is unparalleled to many of his creations. Sculptured curves and frames with a complexity and variety that is an example of His unique and perfect handy work. He trusted us as the giver of civilization and as the passage way to all mankind. We are a gift to this world! We are the shade when the sun is too harsh and the covering when the nights are too cold! We are the inspirations behind the best stories, sonnets, and symphonies. We are the creators of life, passion and innovation. We are WOMEN! 

We are strength when united; together we have changed cultures, ideals, and wrote the pages of history with elegance and flair. I dare you to think of any great person that didn't come from a WOMAN! 

Let us recognize our strength in unity, let's celebrate our differences and similarities, let's build each other up, and stand against those who try to tear us down. Let us choose to love each other and appreciate each of our journeys and truths. Let us stand strong and celebrate being WOMEN! 

Happy International Women's Day!!!

Hugs and Love,



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