Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chic Love and Relationships...

Hello Chic-istas! It's a new year and I want to bring some new content to my faithful subscribers.

As a married woman of almost eight years, I have learned a lot about relationships through my experiences and the experiences of others. As you may know, I have a dynamic group of friends who are at various stages of love, marriage, dating, and single-dom; I want to explore the different topics that we discuss and offer some perspective from myself, the experts, and you, my beautiful readers.

The content in Chic Love and Relationships will vary from Question and Answer post seeking relationship/dating advice, post exploring various topics in relationships, stories highlighting and featuring different couples, and a host of other things.

I am so exciting about this new content and I hope you guys are excited as well. Please join the discussion, share stories of love, share how you and your partner overcame odds, ask questions, seek advice, state your opinion, and let's talk! What is more Chic than Love, Relationships, and Girl Talk!! :)

Email me at nappturallychic11@gmail.com with questions, features, and topic ideas.

Hugs and Love!!


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