Monday, November 4, 2013

Natural Hair All-Star Weekend and Expo

Hey Chic-istas!! I am back from Dallas and had an amazing time at the Natural Hair All-Star Weekend and Expo. This event was well organized, fun, informative, and I can't wait to do it all again next year! The organizers, Constance Cash of TeamNatural_, Vashti Josephs of HodgePodgeFiles, and Julian Adoo of Bellakinks, created an event filled with lasting memories, budding relationships/connections, and collectively brought together naturals from all the country to celebrate the mutual love and passion of Natural Hair!

The weekend started off with an exciting 80's themed skate party. Naturalistas represented with their best 80's attire and served it up on the rink while wearing bright neon colors, vintage 80's fashions, tutus, leggings, and so much more. The natural hair trend of this night was BIG HAIR! Natural divas were rocking their big hair in giant puffs, side pony tails, and all out in beautiful wavy afros. YouTube sensation, Iknowlee was the perfect host for this even; every time you saw her, she was skating and dancing and having a great time... her outfit was all kinds of fierce!!! She has such a warm and inviting personality. I had such a great time at the skate party! I met some of my favorite fellow vloggers and bloggers, and it was so great to be around so many beautiful woman who share my passion for natural hair.

My Curlfriends!!!!!!

Me and the Beautiful Sumetra 
All the V.I.P Bloggers and Vloggers--- So much Beauty

The Gorgeous Iknowlee
After having such a great time at the skate party, I couldn't wait to experience the Natural Hair Expo. With more than 25 vendors present, options for hair care, fashion, and health/fitness were endless. It was such a treat to see Courtney of The Mane Choice... her hair is absolutely beautiful and I will be doing a review on her conditioner pretty soon.

Look at all that beautiful natural hair!!! Courtney of CourtneyNaturalHair and The Mane Choice

The beautiful Vashti, one of the organizers

Founders of Naturally Supreme
Me and the Gorgeous Ebony of Eclark6

Saturday Night, Naturals all over Dallas, were glamming it up for the Naturals Night Out, All Black Affair, hosted by YouTube sensation Eclark6. The venue was filled with stunning women and dapper men who danced and celebrated the night away while the DJ (BeatMoles) played a perfect mix of music that created a balance of high energy dance music and the laid back grooves that allowed us to vibe with each other and mix and mingle. The open bar was well stocked with the event's signature drink and other classic drink options with tasty hors d'oeuvres being served throughout the night. The outfits, the glamour, the ambiance, the style, the sheer dopeness of it all was well worth the travel and time... Top Notch event!

The culmination of this excited weekend was  the V.I.P brunch for the invited bloggers, vloggers, and participants who purchased a V.I.P ticket. he highlight of this event was the hearing from speaker, Mahisha Dellinger, CEO of natural hair product line, CURLS. She led a vibrant and inspirational discussion on how we, all of the fierce, intelligent, beautiful, and driven woman in the room, can succeed and thrive regardless of our circumstances. She spoke about the top ten ways to sufficiently brand yourself, and everything she said resonated with me and inspired me to envelop myself into my passion, work hard, stay commitment, and to allow God to take what I can give and multiply that into Greater than I can imagine, think, or see. The brunch was a perfect end to a wonderful weekend. I left feeling empowered, knowledgeable, and with a renewed commitment to follow my dreams. Dream Big! 

 This event was amazing! It was wonderful to see vloggers and bloggers in all of the varying stages of success and learn from their accomplishments and be inspired to achieve my own level of success in this world. I am so glad that I was able to go and I learned so much this weekend! Thanks for the invite!! I can't wait till next year!

As always, Be Chic, Be Beautiful, and Be YOU!!!!

Hugs and Love Chic-istas!!!


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  1. You need to do a post on those outfits you are rocking... You and everyone looks so beautiful!!!!