Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life Lessons: Gratefulness

Lord, I know that everything I  would like to happen won't happen...

Lord, I know that I will experience heartache, loss, sickness, and even despair...

Lord, I have grown to learn that behind every tear, every disappointment, and every fear, You are there! 

Through every challenge you have shown me favor... When in my simple thinking, I thought You were done with me... I even thought that you have already blessed me and it would be selfish to expect anymore. Wow...I'm so happy that I realized that you aren't A God of limits...You have so much more for me. Your love knows no boundaries and the blessings You have instored for me are just in the beginning phases. 

Lord, I thank you for life, family, friends, health, and especially your favor! I thank you for continuing to bless me and keep me. I thank you for keeping and blessing my family and friends. I thank you for bringing genuine people into my life who love and care for me. I thank you for the things and people lost, I now realized that they were taken out of my hands to bless me with much more. I thank you for the No's and the Setbacks because your plan is perfect and you know what I need and where I need to be. I thank you for the lessons learned this year. I thank you for allowing me to see the realization of some of my dreams and I thank you in advance for what is to come! I trust you and I love you and most of all I simply thank you!!!

What are you most thankful for? Take the time, whether if you are in the times of trouble or in times of victory to be Thankful. Sit back and count your blessings and you may be surprised at how many you are able to name. Happy Thanksgiving Chic-istas!! I am so thankful for each one of you and today my wish is that you feel, above all, gratefulness! 

Hugs and Love, 


  1. Beautifully Stated!! I am thankful for life!! I lost a lot of people this year and through my pain, I am convinced that I am here for a purpose!

  2. What an amazing reminder to be thanlful through it all!!