Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The 4th Annual Orlando Natural Hair and Beauty Expo

Hello Chic-istas!! Today is Wednesday and I am still on a high from all the excitement that was the Orlando Natural Hair and Beauty Expo. The theme for the 4th annual Natural Hair and Beauty Expo, was More Than Hair, and that theme was perfectly assigned to an event that offered information on a variety of topics like, health and fitness, Sister Locks care and maintenance, natural hair care,self esteem and life enrichment, Dealing with Alopecia, Natural Hair seminars for kids, poetry, songs, fashion/hair shows, and so much more. It was so amazing to be included in such a great event as a workshop presenter, but sharing, learning, and meeting so many other talented, gifted, driven, and influential people in this area and beyond was truly exhilarating and worth every second of the day.

The workshops:
The workshops for this event were well organized and very informative. Donna Benton, the organizer of the expo, outdid herself by gathering men and women with different areas of expertise and knowledge to help positively impact the life's of the attendees. Some of the most popular workshops were presented by Chef Cody on the topic of Alkaline Foods. His workshop was packed and filled with men and women who were looking for healthier yet tasty food options. Kentia Lee led a workshop on Embracing Your Beauty Fearlessly and inspired many women to learn to love themselves while encouraging women to drop the notion that they are not "enough." Karen Tappin, founder of Karen's Body Beautiful, led a workshop called "Real Hair Talk." This workshop focus on the importance of understanding your hair and also helped women debunked myths and let go of the frustrations associated with kinky hair textures. To my disbelief (playing church organ praise chords in my head as I type this) my workshop, "Learning To Love Your Natural texture with the L.O.C Method," was another popular workshop. I was amazed that my workshop was packed and that people were sitting on the floor, standing against the wall, and were lining up around the room... Wow, God is so Good. ( I will share my personal experience as a workshop presenter a little later in this in this blog post).

 All and all, this was the place to be to learn about a variety of subjects! Kudos to all the presenters, you all did an amazing job and your willingness to share is the reason why the natural hair community is growing, thriving, and changing lives. 
The Beautiful Karen Tappin of KBB
Karen Tappin and Jere of Nappturally Chic Jere

Chef Cody
The Vendors:
The Orlando Natural Hair and Beauty Expo also boasted an impressive list of vendors that sold discounted items related to hair care, skin care, women's fashions, children's fashions, jewelry and accessories, health foods, etc... Below is a list of all of the fabulous and helpful Vendors.

Akila's 100% Organic Shea Butters
Chic2Chic Accessories & More
 B's Hair and Beauty Products
 BeautiControl Mobile Spas
 Bold & SASSY handcrafted earrings
CCouture Luxury Boutique
Central Florida YMCA
 Design Essentials
 doTerra Essential Oils
 EDEN BodyWorks
Family Essentials Inc
GL Accessories
Glam Bella Boutique
Hair it iz Salon
Honeysuckle Moon
 House of Cheatham
 IOG, Inc
 Isabella's Own by Bronner Bros
Jen Hugh Products
Juicy J Jewels
Karen's Body Beautiful
Kishya Essentials
KT Glamour
Loc Inspirations
Mbellish by CharMega
Montaque Candle company
My DNA Natural Hair Products
My plexus products
My Roomates Kloset
Natural Essence Salon & Barber Shop
Natural Tresses
Neenej Vintage Closet
Nina Detox Products
Nyraju Skin Care
One Love Health Products
Origami Owl
Lilla Rose Hair Clips
Platinum Key Realty Inc
Princess London's Tutu Boutique
Queen Of Roots
Queen Trends
Rooted 4 The Soul
Sangoma Spice Shop
SoulSeed Tees
Sphyra Merchant Services
Style by Christina
Suga Mamma's Pound Cakes
The Loctyte Tool
Upscale Magazine
Upscale Thrift Store
Wordplay Multimedia, LLC
Zainabu Cosmetics

Food Vendors- Marc's Caribbean Cuisine

Naturalistas looking for new hair goodies
Design Essentials
Swag Bags
Beautiful Naturals...
This event was filled with beautiful naturals with a variety of different styles and textures... Women across the Central Florida area were serving it with eye catching hairstyles and outfits... Here are some of the beautiful naturalista that I caught being Nappturally Chic! 

Beautiful Curl friends

These curl friends were serving it!!
The beauty of a TWA and Chunky Twist-out! Natural Girls Rock!!
This cutie enjoyed the Naturals Kid Zone where little ones learned to create lotions, lip glosses etc...
Beautiful Mommy and Daughter Shot
Beautiful Singer- Parris LOVE
Shante- the beautiful Brand Manager of Karen's Body Beautiful-
 I appreciate all of her help through the past couple of months
 with giveaways, support, and cross promotion. 

Gorgeous Naturalista with beautiful Curls
Loving this picture of a Natural Mother with her Natural Daughters
Fabulous FROS Galore!!!
Beautiful Transitioning Beauties, taking in all the knowledge...
Beautiful Curl Friends enjoying the shopping...
I absolutely love her color and style... Gorgeous!!
Prints, patterns, and Colors, OH MY!! Parris is definitely rocking this look! 
Ran into one of my favorite IGers- Patrick Star!
My Best friend Jenell and Natural Hair lover and poet Devery Broox

My Family, church family, and some of my Curl friends came out to support! I'm so thankful for their  presence, help, and for all of their encouraging words throughout the planning for this event. 
(Left to Right) Cheryl, Donna, Marlene, Jamila, Michone, Me, Janae, Jenell, Jo-Ann, Debra, Valoria

One of my newest curl friends- the Beautiful Benedicte
My Curl friend, the Beautiful Jessica
(Left to Right) Jelesa, Michone, Donna, Jo-Ann, Cheryl, Me, Jenell,
 Jessica, Tiffany, Rachel, Debra

Friendly and beautiful faces lending their support....
(I'm the only one not looking at the right camera...lol)
Jenell and her beautiful curls!!!
My cousin Jelesa and I
(My Make-up is by the lovely JoMichelle)
 My experience:
As stated before, I spoke about "Learning to Love your Texture with the L.O.C Method." I shared about my journey from being a relaxed weave wearing diva to learning to love my natural hair texture. I explained that there are three things that prevent new and experienced naturals alike from not loving their texture. These three things are Hair Envy, Obsession with Length, and the Incorrect Treatment of Our Natural Texture. I shared my personal experiences on how I got over these things and shared funny experiences on the mistakes that I made as a new natural. When explaining how to properly care for your natural hair, I explained the L.O.C Method and demonstrated its effectiveness on my beautiful hair model, Jamila Harry. The ladies and men in my workshop were so inquisitive, warm, and accepting of my information. I was so nervous that no one would ask me questions that I asked family members to ask pre-arranged questions to fill up the dead silence...(Don't judge me lol) How little was my faith! Thankfully, people were so invested and interested in what I was saying that I answered numerous amounts of great questions and my family members did not have to ask their pre-arranged questions lol. The women in my workshop were all so beautiful and I had an amazing experience because I fed off of their warm inviting spirits. To hear comments like "she is so nice," " what a great Personality," and "I learned so much," made my day! I am not mentioning this to brag but to explain how far I have come... I am an extremely reserved person, quiet and introverted around people that I don't know very well. I have always struggled with letting my voice and opinion be heard outside of the comfort areas of my family, close friends, and church family. The fact that I was able to speak up, be myself, laugh, and joke with a room full of strangers is a major step for me personally and professionally. It reminds me that God doesn't call only the equipped, but he equips those he has called.

Wow!! I am just beyond thankful and grateful to be included in this event. I was so nervousness leading up to Saturday because I felt like such an amateur compared other presenters who have been doing this for such a long time. I was doubting myself big time, until a couple of loved ones and members of my church family reminded me that this is my passion and that I was more than able because I serve a big GOD! So thank you, thank you, thank you for your support, your prayers, and your thoughts! Special shout out to my family, friends, and church family that came to support me, thanks for agreeing to ask your Pre-arranged questions, and thank God you didn't have to. Lol! Thanks Donna Benton and Chase Ford Productions, you all organized a marvelous event. Thanks to all the women who attended my workshop and who shared words of encouragement afterwards, and last but certainly not least, thank you Lord! Thank you God for directing me and keeping me and preparing me to walk into my destiny! 
My Outfit for my first Workshop:
A black and white printed body con dress accessorized with touched of yellow.
I still can't believe I ran out of seats....
Demonstrating the L.O.C method on my beautiful Hair Model-Jamila

God is Good! A full attentive and interested audience
Meeting and Greeting beautiful ladies after the completion of the workshop
Me and my gorgeous hair model, Jamila. (Please ignore my shoes lol)
Answering Questions
An Amazing Moment, Opportunity, and Day!!!
Thanks for reading....
Hugs and Love,

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  1. I had a wonderful time and I am thankful for this experience! Thanks Jere for giving us all of those tips for loving our hair. Also I cannot wait to try the L.O.C. method.