Monday, October 14, 2013

Kartis and her Amazing Coils and Curls!!!

Hello Chic-istas!! Are you all ready for some major hair inspiration?? Meet the beautiful Kartis... she is definitely a natural beauty to watch and is one of my favorites on Instagram and YouTube. Check out her amazing and inspirational journey to becoming a Natural Diva below...

NCJ: Hello Kartis! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us!! So, can you tell us a little about yourself. 
Kartis: Hello, My name is Kartis Lewis. I was born, raised and currently reside in New Orleans.  I love beautiful things!  Art, food, hair, clothes, designing, music – love it all! 

NCJ: Your hair is so beautiful, how was your hair before going natural. How did you feel when you first relaxed your hair? Were you frustrated with your relaxed hair?

Kartis: My mother applied a relaxer to my hair at a young age (elementary school), so I do not remember any details about my hair prior to.  Throughout my relaxed years, my hair was thick and about shoulder-length.  In high school, I applied an at-home dye and the results were not desirable…not even the color.  As a result, my hair lost thickness and was much drier.  This was my only experience of a chemical process going awry.   

NCJ: When and why did you decide to go natural? 

Kartis: I have always admired the beauty, strength and versatility of natural hair. I loved my relaxed hair, but I knew it could be healthier, thicker and stronger.  In an effort to “try out” going natural, I held off on my next scheduled relaxer and wore braidouts to get a sense of the possible journey ahead (March 2011).  I loved it!  After a month, I made the decision to never apply another relaxer and my official journey began.  
(Braid-out on relaxed hair)

NCJ: Love that method of testing out the world of natural hair! So, did you slowly transition or did you do a Big Chop, please share your experience.

Kartis: My name is Kartis and I was a slow transitionerJ.  My last relaxer was on March 24, 2011, and my intentions were to transition until October 2013…it did not happen that way!  In November 2012, I came home from work, grabbed the scissors and started chopping.  It wasn't planned, but I loved the results and instantly fell in love with my completely natural hair.  
(Big Chop)

NCJ: Wow… the bravery of cutting off all that hair! Love it!! What was your biggest fear about going natural? How did you overcome it?

Kartis: I feared that I would hate my short hair if I decided to do the Big Chop instead of transitioning, and I did not want to begin my journey unhappily.  I opted to transition, and I truly believe it was the best decision for me.  Although, I love a good TWA and always wondered if I could fabulously rock it like so many naturalistas that I see!  The beginning of my transition was not smooth as caring for two completely different textures posed a challenge.  It took a lot of trial-and-error, money (lightweight product junkie!) and PATIENCE, but I finally got the hang of it.  I wore twist-n-curls for most of my journey. 

NCJ: What are your favorite styles, favorite hair products and a couple of pictures of your best hair days?

Kartis: Currently, my favorite styles are Mini Twists (protective style), Twist Out (flat or single) and Puff.  My go-to hair products: Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Water/glycerin mix, Eden Body Works Deep Conditioner, Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer, Thermal Cap for deep conditioning and apple cider vinegar.

NCJ: Your hair is simply gorgeous!!! Do you have any advice you would like to give to other new naturals or those thinking of going natural.

Kartis: I Do…
1)  If you have any interest in your natural hair, explore it!  Hold off on your next relaxer, and try some natural hair styles like twist-n-curls, braidouts, twistouts, etc. 
2) Accept your hair!  Everyone will not have the perfect tendrils or spirals, but everyone’s hair is beautiful. 
3) Do not get discouraged when a product or regimen does not work for your hair!  It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your hair, but that product/regimen just doesn’t work for you. 

NCJ: That is wonderful advice! Love it… Thank you! What is the Biggest lesson you have learned about yourself and your hair through your journey. 

Kartis: When I put my mind to something, I am resilient… even when it’s something like finding the “perfect” deep conditioner. This is not an overnight success journey as it requires research, time and effort.  I just made it to my 2 ½ year natural anniversary, and I place just as much effort in learning about my hair as I did in the beginning.

NCJ: Do you have any social forums that will allow other naturals to keep up with all of your fabulousness?

Kartis: Instagram:       instagram.com/JustKartis
Youtube:         youtube.com/user/JustKartis

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