Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why Blend In? You were born to Stand Out!

To all my beautiful Chic-istas... Embrace your beauty fearlessly!! We are each masterpieces of God's handy work. Just like there is only one Mona Lisa, there is only one you! Don't worry about blending in or being like the crowd... Focus on being the best you, you can be. You are a beautiful, unique, wonderfully made, colorful, vibrant, work of art crafted and designed by our Creator for a purpose. 

Your beauty is so much more than your outside appearance. It is so much more than your style, your title, or your current position in life! Your beauty can be found in the gifts inside you, your talents, your passion, your compassion for others, the story behind your trials and triumphs, and the victories you've seen over your tears and fears. You are beautiful because you were crafted to fulfill a special purpose uniquely designed for you and you alone. Don't blend in! Stand out! Let your Beauty SHINE FEARLESSLY!!! 

Be chíc, be Beautiful, be YOU!!!

Blend in.....For What!!!

Hugs and Love, 


  1. So glad you were inspired by my artwork! Thanks for sharing!
    Nicole Updegraff
    Cotton Candy Playground

    1. Hello Nicole! I would love to do an artist feature on you. Please email me at nappturallychic11@gmail.com if you are interested.