Monday, September 9, 2013

Show Off September: Lashunda "I Am Not My Hair!!!"

For generations upon generations, we have learned about the appearance of our hair and it's importance to our beauty. For those of us who decide to return to natural hair, we often face the challenge of the big chop, because we are so conditioned to believe that short hair is less beautiful than long hair. Even today among many naturals, we obsessed over length, and do length checks and use acronyms like BSL, APL, etc... Now, I'm not saying that I haven't done it too; one of the reason why I didn't commit to doing a big chop was because I was convinced that I would look unattractive with short hair. I was down right terrified of having very short hair!!

This post insn't about our fears or feelings about short hair...This post is to celebrate a woman who is the very core of the slogan, "I am not my hair!" She is brave beyond belief and I truly admire her perspective on natural hair. To her, natural hair is a extension of who she is and a reflection of who she was made to be. Check out the Vivacious, Brave, Beautiful, and once Bald (by choice) Lashunda!

Lashunda: I am from Long Island NewYork , a wife and mommy of Four(2 boys 14,13 n 2 girls 11 n 8) and have been married for 13 years to my best friend John "Shaft" lol...

I have had the pleasure of living in Pennsylvania , New Jersey and North Carolina. But back home in Long Island New York.... There's no place like home!!!

I shaved all my hair off back on Jan 19th, 2011 and have been enjoying this journey thus far!

Lashunda also had the honor of being able to "ROCK THE HAIR I WEAR" as a Natural Hair Model for Shea Moisture. She also ripped the runway last Saturday during FROFASHIONWEEK in Brooklyn.

What an Inspiration!! We are definitely not our Hair, we are definitely not this Skin!! We are all fearfully and wonderfully made and ought to celebrate our beauty because it was orchestrated by our Creator!

If you are inspired by Lashunda's journey and want to follow her for more looks, inspiration, and overall fierceness, check her out on Instagram: Mznaturalemami

Lashunda and the Lovely creator of my fav KBB Product Line

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