Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Show Off September: IconicAfricana's Gaawwwwgeous Fro!!!

Meet Felicia, the gorgeous girl with the beautiful and BIG hair!! The first picture I saw of this lovely naturalista, caused me to stop in my tracks and gasped at her beautiful mane! Her hair has been featured on many sites and pages on Instagram and the comments are always the same, "Her Hair!!" "Yessssss for that fro!" "Wall Slide... her hair is gorgeous!" and my favorite "Hair Crush." For today's edition of Show Off September, I just wanted to share some photos of the beautiful IconicAfricana and also shine some spotlight on her YouTube channel. If she is sharing secrets to that beautiful hair of hers, we need to stop and check out her YouTube channel ASAP!

Check her and her gorgeous mane right now on Instagram: Iconic_africana

Check out her YouTube HERE

Please check out some pictures of her gorgeous hair and a video of her natural hair journey below. 

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