Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Chic: Natural Beauties!!!

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Chic. I haven't done one of these in quite some time, in fact, I wasn't even planning on doing a blog entry today, but these natural beauties were definitely showing out today and I had to capture it. From new naturals rocking their freshly chopped hair, to naturals rocking fierce Updos, and cuties with wash and go's... It was simply amazing to see. So let's get to it and see everyone's Sunday Chic looks.

First up we have my daughter, Janaé. This little diva is rocking an incredibly cute and fashionable look. This adorable A-line dress with an all black bodice and leopard print circle skirt is perfectly accessorized with touches of hot pink. The exposed hot pink zipper in the back of the dress led this budding fashionista to pair this look with a hot pink skinny belt, hot pink strappy sandals, and touches of hot pink jewelry. She looks amazing and picked this outfit out all by herself. ( I'm so proud lol) Janaé kept her hairstyle of choice simple with flat twist in the front and a full and chunky twist out in the back. She was rocking her hair and her entire look today. 

Next up we have my beautiful best friend and 1/3 of the "Tripod."Jenell is a long term transitioner who is almost 100% natural and her hair looked amazing today!! She rocked her hair in a wash and go style, pinning up the back and the sides creating a easy, breezy, and beautiful look with her curls cascading along the side. Her dress is a beautiful printed number with touches of yellow, light purple, dark purple, and blue. She pulls this look together with a fashion forward black and gunmetal studded waist belt and beautiful chandelier earrings that play off the entire theme of her ensemble. My bestie looks ahhh-mazing!!!

Another beautiful member of the Tripod is my girl Suzy!! She is another natural beauty but she typically wears her hair straight. I was pleasantly surprised to see my beautiful friend walk into church this morning with her hair in its curly state. She looks absolutely beautiful!!! Suzy is a Classic Cutie and she looked amazing in these simple and chic 3/4 white trousers. The addition of the light orange sweater and the nude colored T-Strap sandals gives this outfit a beautiful pop of color and brings her entire look effortless together. 

The tripod won't be complete with another 1/3 and that 1/3 is me!!! Lol. I am still rocking my Marley twist and decided to try to fit these large and thick twist into a large high bun. I loved the way this high bun made my cheek bones, eyes, and lips pop so I wanted to think of an outfit that had a little pop to it as well. I decided to wear a simple knee length red pencil skirt with a white and black printed sheer blouse. To add a little more zest to the outfit, I decided to wear yellow jewelry accessories and neon yellow and black printed nails. I kept my footwear simple with black scrappy sandals and I loved how the small touches of yellow created an interesting and appealing contrast against the colors red, white, and black. 

Next up is a natural that is rocking a fresh TWA. The beautiful Idris, just joined Team Natural and looks absolutely stunning. I love how her colorful abstract print dress and the addition of the jean jacket gives off the same vibrant, fresh, fun, and youthful look of her freshly cut hair. Her touches of turquoise with the addition of the bracelet and necklace pull the whole look together while the large sized hoop earrings are perfectly suited for the beautiful shape of her face and her feisty, chic, and gorgeous TWA. I can't stop gushing over her TWA because this beauty cut her collar bone length relaxed hair and is rocking her short cut with such confidence... Love it!!!  We are so not our hair! Go Idris!!!!

Next up we have the beautiful Ambah, who is rocking her curly fro with such style!!! I love how her classic cowl neck black top drapes over these incredible and hot skinny knit red pants. Her black open toed booties helps to pull this look together and her simple but effective jewelry choices completes the look in an effortless way. I'm absolutely loving Ambah's hair! She is another newer member of Team Natural and she has really hit her natural hair stride with this hairstyle. From her highlights, to the shape of her hair, to her curl definition, this look from head to toe is a winner.

Last but definitely not least is the beautiful Rachel. I love the color combinations of this beautifully styled outfit. This blue flounce styled empire waist dress looks amazing with this coral cardigan. These colors work together so perfectly and look amazing against Rachel's skin. The addition of the pewter statement necklace and pewter shoes creates an incredible balance between the distinctive colors of the blue dress and coral sweater and marries the look effortlessly and seamlessly. Though Rachel's outfit is beautiful, I think this fabulous and fierce updo stole the show. I love the cornrowed sides that create a faux hawk and the stylish pompadour that creates the perfect blend of edginess, refinery, and glamour. Completely beautiful!!! 

Hugs and love everyone!!! Hoping that you all had a wonderful and blessed day!! 


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