Friday, August 9, 2013

Little Girls and their Natural Hair (Part I)

As many of you may know, I spent the majority of my childhood, adolescence, and adult years seeing straight, long, and store brought hair as the largest and most important tool in my beauty tool box. As I shared before, this obsession started mainly because, growing up, pressing and curling hair was a common practice and the arrival of Just For Me led to almost every little girl relaxing their hair. To add to the obsession, there wasn't a vast knowledge on styling and caring for natural hair in my house; new growth was the enemy that we vanquish every two weeks with blowouts and a flat iron and every eight weeks with a touch-up. After seeing how my hair health deteriorated after years of relaxing, I said to myself, if I have  a daughter... I would never perm her hair. Well, I kept my promise!! I decided to go natural to break the cycle that I saw growing up and to refute the messages of "beauty" that she will inevitable see growing up. As a mom with two precious and impressionable young girls, I thought it was imperative that I show them as early as possible to embrace who they are and love every fierce, beautiful part of their kinks, coils, and waves.... I decided to interview my six year old precocious daughter to see how she truly felt about her natural hair. I am also starting a series specifically dealing with Little Girls, their Natural Hair and self-esteem named Janae's Corner. If you are mom with children with natural hair be sure to check it out!

Enjoy the short interview and meet my beautiful daughter Janae.


NCJ (Mommy): Do you like your hair? Why?

Janae: I do because my mommy makes it pretty!! It's special and cute. 

NCJ: What is your favorite hairstyle?

Janae: That's a hard choice, I like a lot.... I guess my twist out and getting long braids (braided extensions). 

NCJ: Why do you like your twist out?

Janae: I like when my hair is curly and big!! It looks so cool! I like when my hair look like yours. I like how people always say how pretty I look with my hair like that.

NCJ: Why do you like braided extensions?

Janae: It is so long and pretty!! When I have braids, I don't have to comb my hair every day and I have more time to play. 

NCJ: What do your friends think about your hair?

Janae: Most think its pretty, some people say it looks too puffy... It hurts my feeling a little but I love my hair and that's all that matters. 

NCJ: Do you ever want to get a relaxer?

Janae: What is that?

NCJ: It is when you straighten your hair forever using a chemical (basic definition, I know lol).

Janae: Oohhh, a perm!!! I don't think so because I'm afraid my hair will fall out. If I want straight hair I can blow dry it and flat iron it one day and have my big puffy hair another day. I like that.

NCJ: What is the biggest thing you learned about loving your hair from me?

Janae: You taught me lots of things like how my hair is made special for me by God, different styles like Bantu Knots, buns, and twists, I like watching your videos and I want to make videos too. (Giggling) My name is going to be Janae the Great!! 

It was amazing to hear these answers from my daughter... I'm glad that I am not only teaching her these lessons but living out these lessons. It is so hard growing up in this world with all the peer pressures, the hurtful opinions of others, and the dire need to fit in and belong... I know that it will get harder and harder to stand up and be different. My hope is that one day, rocking twist, puffs, kinks, and coils won't be seen as being "different" and that all of us embrace our beautiful hair in every single and beautiful way.


Hugs and Love,



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  2. I love this!!!! Your daughter is beautiful and seems so smart!! If she is anything like you, I'm sure Jabaethe Great will be helpful and inspiring as well. Too cute!!!

  3. OMG this girl is a diva! She is a mini you. Too cute.

  4. NCJ: Do you ever want to get a relaxer?

    Janae: What is that?

    ROFL!! Adorbs!

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