Saturday, August 17, 2013

Little Girls and Their Natural Hair- Part II

It is that time of year that most children dread, Back To School! If you are a parent, you have probably spent the last few weeks shopping for supplies, clothing, and shoes. If you are a mom of a natural haired beauty, you now have to also figure out what to do with her hair on the first day of school. Luckily for my readers, Janaé and I have some hairstyle ideas for you and your little princesses and divas. 

Hairstyle #1- Braided Extensions
This is probably a favorite for Moms and little girls alike. Out of all the options, this is the most versatile and least time consuming in regards to typical morning routines. Box Braids, twist, and cornrows done with braiding hair ( kanekelon, marley braiding hair etc...) can last up to a month and can create limitless styling options. Imagine waking up in the morning, getting your daughter dressed and ready for school and not having to reach for a brush, comb, spray bottle, or elastic pony holder! That extra 15-20 minutes you have just imagined, is the beauty of having a beautiful box braid style for back to school and is Janaé approved.


Hairstyle #2- Flexi Rods and Flat Twist
This hairstyle requires a little extra planning and effort but it is so cute!! The night before school, start off with freshly washed and conditioned hair then lightly blow out the hair on medium heat using blow dryer with an attachable comb and a heat protectant. After hair is dried and slightly stretched, part a section at the crown of the head and do a simple diagonal flat twist or cornrow braid at the front and sides. After that, add a small amount of setting lotion to small pieces of the hair then place 1 1/4 flex rods to the hair. Tie the hair down at night, and remove the Flexi rods in the morning. Separate the curls, add some oil sheen, and your back to school diva will look amazing!

Hairstyle #3- Afro Puffs
If you are looking for a low maintience style that still screams adorable, try Afro Puffs. Part hair in two equal parts, gather hair into two pony holders, and pick out the hair into two adorable puffs. Make sure you don't pull the hair to tightly and slick down her edges to give it a clean and pull together look. 

Hairstyle #4- Braided Faux Hawk
This hairstyle is perfect for the little girl who wants her natural hair to stand out in an amazing way. 
Start off parting a section for a small side bang. Take the hair that is lefted and part it straight down the middle. Cornrow each side in an upward direction stoping halfway and securing each cornrow with a ouch less rubber band. After completing both sides, Use flexirods or Satin Rollers on the part of the hair that is left out and allow it to set over night. Take it out in the morning fluff and separate and send your natural haired beauty to school with a rocking hairstyle. 

Hope these hairstyles work out for you!!!

Hugs and Love,

Jeré and Janaé

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