Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HIH Syndrome: Do you suffer from it??

Hello Chic-istas! I hope you all are doing well and feeling great. As you know, I have been natural for almost a year and I'm still learning about new things in regards to this amazing community of natural beauties. I came across a new term called HIH Syndrome and I had to share it with you all .

So what is HIH Syndrome? It isn't a deadly disease, or some mysterious plague. It is a habit that most of us natural girls suffer from; Hand in Hair/Head Syndrome! LOL... I know I am not to only one who has this. I am constantly putting my hands in my hair, fluffing, shaking, stretching, and touching... it is like we are so in love with our hair that we can't stop touching it.

I didn't realize how bad I was until I watched an internet recording of the church I attend. I sit up front in the choir stand, so during the message, all you saw me doing was fluffing, separating, touching, picking, and shaking my hair. It is embarrassing and funny at the same time but I'm addicted to touching my hair.

Are you suffering from HIH Synfrome???
Here are some signs that you, my curl friends, suffer from HIH Syndrome...

1) Your hands are always oily. (Clearly you have been playing in that super moisturized hair all day)

2) Your hair looks drastically different throughout the day. (You started out with a twistout, midday you are rocking an updo, evening time you are fro'd out lol) (This one is soooooo me!!)

3) You may be experiencing slight to moderate breakage. Those nails and rings are killers for our hair.

(Photographic Evidence of my HIH Ways)
4) You really, I mean really miss your hair during protective styling. It is normal to miss your hair a little, but taking out perfectly fine protective style just so you can touch your hair might mean you have a problem. LOL.

5) You solve the mundane moments of life by doing/touching your hair... You may even be at work/school and just daydream while twirling a strand of your hair over and over again.

6) Family and Friends are constantly calling you out for repeatedly touching your hair! You frequently hear: "leave your hair alone, what are you doing to your hair, stop twirling your hair!!" (Intervention Level : D)

7)You sometimes find yourself touching your hair just to make sure it is still there. You can't help but pat, check, or touch it like it is going to disappear. lol!!  (Rehab Level : D)

If you can attest to three of these seven signs, you may be suffering from HIH Syndrome. Do you have HIH Syndrome? Share your experiences and the funny moments you realized that you had or still have a "problem." Hey Ladies!! I know we looooovvveee our hair, but let's try giving it some space!! :)

Hugs and Love,


  1. I noticed it when the papers I would touch at work would have grease spots from fingers on them.... Lol

  2. Yes!!!! I definitely have this!!!! Lol! Cute post!!

  3. I'm guilty!! My hands stay in my hair!!! LOL

  4. I do it all the time!!! Im so obsessed with my hair now. Especially if the style I did turned out right lol