Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Building The Self Esteem of our Precious Beautiful Girls

In our society, girls as young as four years old may begin to show signs of low self-esteem. These precious beautiful girls are bombarded with so many messages of "beauty" that often times, it becomes impossible for them to embrace who they are and love who they are. As a mother of two girls, I purposed in my heart to do everything that I could to help my daughters recognize their self-worth, their intelligence, and their beauty. As parents, we have to tell them how special there are so they don't look for validation elsewhere... It is so important and you can start today; It is never to early to start building up their self-esteem.

I know as a parent, we can spend the a huge portion of our day correcting behavior, picking at their clothing, fussing over the mess, and complaining about the noise. Let us try to spend a moment of each day doing something that reminds our children about how special they are. Whether it be, mommy and daughter pampering day, watching a movie together, reading a book, or cuddling with your little princesses before bed. Stop and say, "I Love You, you mean the world to me!" Stop and compliment their eyes, their smile, their personality, their willingness to help, or their generous spirit. I know it is hard, but, try not to nit pick at every one of their quirky traits, embrace their silliness, their goofiness, and share stories about yourself as a child and the things you have in common. 

Today, my daughter and I completed a special project. We used a cardboard cut out of a outline of a girl and we looked through magazines and old books for pictures, words, and symbols that describe who she was. This is an amazing self esteem building activities that moms can complete with their little girls. When she picked words like beautiful, smart, fun, and pictures of fros and pictures of girls with her similar build, skin tone, and hair type; I was beyond proud. 

Please don't waste another moment, build up your child's self esteem today. The moments you spend today and tomorrow will help them feel so much more strength, resilience, worth, and happiness in the future. 

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