Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chic Maternity Style- Jessica


As many of you may know, this blog is all about celebrating beauty. I don't know about you, but there is something so amazing and beautiful about a woman who is expecting a child. Gone are the days where women wear tents around their growing bellies, or oversize pants with an elastic waist. Today, moms to be are rocking the latest trends, colors, prints, silhouettes, and using their growing baby bumps as a beautiful focal point that serves as the foundation to all their amazing looks. I must admit, I wasn't as stylish as I could have been during my first pregnancy, I got a little better during my second pregnancy... My only wish is that I got a chance to meet this fashionista when I was pregnant. Jessica embodies all that it means to be fashionable, chic, and beautiful during the long nine months of pregnancy...I just had to share with you some of her fabulous-ness!!! Meet Jessica, a mom to be with a sense of style that can make girls without the baby bump take notice and stare.

Nappturally Chic Jere: Hello Jessica and thanks so much for sharing a little about yourself, your style, and your pregnancy.  Tell us a little about yourself...

Jessica: Hey! My name is Jessica and I'm a wife and soon to be mom. This pregnancy has been so amazing! I'm currently 9 months pregnant with my princess Kai Lee. She's due 8/25/13!!

NCJ: Awww, a girl! i have two girls, you are going to love dressing her up lol... So, how would you describe your style before and during your pregnancy?

Jessica: If I had to describe my style, it would be petite chic. My style before my pregnancy wasn't too much different. Im really into prints and bright colors. What I can say is pregnancy has made me more confident. Who knew sporting a huge belly could build so much confidence! 

NCJ: How important was it for you to remain stylish during your pregnancy? Did remaining stylish make you feel better about your changing body?

Jessica: I'm not gonna lie. I was not about to look a hot mess while pregnant! I've seen so many pregnant women make pregnancy look miserable and I didn't want that for myself. Looking good helped me get through those tough first trimester symptoms. When my belly and thighs began to get bigger,  I wasn't able to fit my jeans and tops. Instead of being upset, I opted for bodycon dresses. They're really flattering on pregnant women and super comfortable. I think all pregnant women should make it a mission to look good during their pregnancy.

NCJ: I love your mindset... What is your favorite item of clothing during your pregnancy? Why?

Jessica: I love bodycon dresses!!!! They have saved my life during pregnancy! Forever 21 has really cheap ones that are so forgiving on your bump. Plus, they stretch with your growing belly and you can wear them after you have the baby too! 

NCJ:  Do you have tips for other woman on how to look and feel fabulous during their pregnancy.

Jessica: Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience. Even with all the aches, pains and emotional craziness, the most important part is the life growing inside of you. Take pride in your body. Embrace the curves that come. I controlled weight gain by not indulging in everything I craved. Moderation is key. Finding clothes that fit your new pregnant body is also important. No need to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes. You can find great oversized pieces at goodwill and salvation army. Add a belt and your good to go. Change up hair from time-to-time. Rock a new lipstick color. Just go all out and have fun during this time!   

NCJ: Thanks again for sharing Jessica!! You are truly an inspiration to any one out there who thinks that you can't feel beautiful while you are expecting. You almost make me want to get pregnant one more time because you make it look so easy... Well almost lol. Stay Chic, stay beautiful, and God's blessings during the rest of your pregnancy, your labor, and for your beautiful princess.

Hugs and Love,

Find Jessica on Instagram: jfashiongirl87
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  1. I have enjoyed Jessica's journey thus far, and checking out her her fashion as she awaits her beautiful gift from God. I know that you are enjoying your pregnancy and I wish you the best. You are simply beautifful.

  2. SO beautiful!!!!! Love her style xoxo congratulations Jessica

  3. love your style and such a pretty woman good luck and congrats