Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6 Days of Hairstyles From 1 Twist-Outs

Hey Chic-istas!! When I first became natural, I used to hear other naturals brag about their six day twist-outs. I felt like a failure cause I could never achieve them... It almost felt like an urban hair legend that was completely out of my reach. Lol...

For those of you that have tighter coils like me, the 6 day twist-out is extremely hard to maintain while keeping ultra definition and maximum moisture. So, does that mean that we have to give up and wear a bun, head-wrap, or hat while others rock their six day twist-out?? Absolutely Not!!! One of the best things about being natural is the fact that all of our textures are so unique and versatile. There is no wrong type of hair! It is all about finding the right techniques that work with your hair texture, length, and hair needs. So, here is my version of a six day twist out

Day one- after co-washing and conditioning my hair, I twist my hair into medium size twist, let them completely dry over night for maximum definition. Day one is my most defined twist out!
Day two- as a working mommy with two girls, I don't have time to re-twist my hair every single night. To prepare for day two's hairstyle, I moisturize and seal my entire head, re-twist the front portion/crown of my hair and pin and tuck the back of my hair. In the morning, I unravel the twist in the front for an ultra cute twisted updo. 
Day three- By now, humidity is usually running rampant and my definition is decreasing by the hour. To prepare for day three's hairstyle, I moisture and seal lightly and put about six large flat twist in my hair... This is such a quick alternative to my usually twist outs and because my hair was already in a twist-out, it dries quickly and sets into a big and gorgeous Fro. 
Day Four- this is usually updo time... My curls are starting to shrink and I usually only maintain slight definition in the front. This is the time to let your creative juices flow! I moisturize and seal, take out some bobby pins and play with the shape of your hairstyle. A good rule of thumb is to get creative in the front, styling an unique pompadour to the side of your face and simply roll and tuck the back portion of your hair. 
Day Five- after taking down the previous updo (sometimes I leave it for more than one day) my hair is super stretched and bouncy. At night, I usually add a light hair dressing, pick my hair out, and put my hair into really large twist with perm rods at the end... When I untwist in the morning, I have bouncy, full, flowing hair and I absolutely love my hair like this. 
Day six- due to high humidity in my state (Florida), I am usually a frizzy but still stretched mess by the evening time... This is when I do another updo. Hair is stretched, so I portion the front part of my hair into a roll and tucked bang and do a high french roll in the back. 

So, there you have it!! Six days of hairstyles from initially one twist-out!!! Have fun, be creative, be chic, be BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hugs and Love,


  1. This is such a great idea!! Love it!!Can you a video tutorial for Day #2, #4, and #6 please!!!!!!

  2. This is so amazing... Thanks for these and please let me know when those vid tutorials are up.