Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Product Review- Iman's Second To None Stick Foundation

Iman Second to None Stick Foundation Earth 2

Hey Beautiful Chic-istas!! Have you ever tried the Iman Make-up Line? Well, I tried it this weekend and I think that I'm in love!! Keep on reading to find out what I thought about the Iman Second to None Stick Foundation.

For starters, I am not a foundation wearer. I never liked how it felt on my face and opted for BB creams and pressed powders that gave me the light coverage that I craved. I also hated how limited the shade selections were for woman of color in mainstream makeup lines. I'm sure you have been there, you go to purchase a new foundation and you have to go to the end of the display to find your "match." A lot of these make-up companies have basically lumped woman of color into just three shades.... (major side eye). You purchased the one closet to your skin tone and you get the too yellow, too red, or too pale overcast and reach frustration. After experiencing that one to many times, I swore off foundation.

Unfortunately, in the grueling summers of Florida, my BB Creams and pressed powders failed to combat shine and withstand the overall heat, leaving your girl looking like a greasy potato. I had to try something new, and that something New was Iman, Second To None Foundation Stick.

What the Company Says:
Oil-free, silicone based, medium coverage foundation with a silky texture provides a flawless natural looking finish. Formulated with moisturizing jojoba esters nourishing antioxidant vitamins.

What I think:

For starters, the shade selection is out of this world! The array of choices were like a breath of fresh air for this brown skinned girl. I selected the Earth 1 shade and after doing a shade test at home, the color virtually fused into my skin tone giving me an exact match!! Yes, an exact match!! I was beyond thrilled. I used this foundation after prepping my face with my moisturizer and noticed that it goes on stiff and isn't a movable foundation. One thing that I did not like about the foundation is that it is extremely hard to blend using my typically brush application technique. When I did get the product on, it looked amazing! It gave me the light coverage I needed and combated that oily and shiny look that usually plagues me throughout these hot summer days. I need to find a way to apply the product with ease but once I do, I think this foundation will be my go to summer accessory.

My Make-Up after My Application

Iman Products can be purchased online HERE and in most Target stores.


  1. I am curious about this foundation,but because in my country there aren't any Iman products,i have to order.The problem is that i have no idea what shade i am! My perfect match,for reference, is MUFE HD 153 ; Guerlain parure extreme 03; Nyx Hd foundation 06. Please help me,thank you!

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