Monday, May 6, 2013

When Dope Curls Meet Chic Clothes

Do you have an amazing sense of style? Do you want to share your fashion tips and fashion inspiration with my readers? Do your Dope Curls and Chic Clothes make a magically combination? If so, send us some of your best (high quality) pictures that reflect your personal style and answer the questions below. Send all info to nappturallychic11@gmail.com

1) How would you describe your style? Does it fall under a particular category?

2) Do you have one fashion item, you can’t live without? Is there a piece that will always be included in your wardrobe?

3) What is your secret to putting together such amazing and fashionable outfits?

4) Where are your favorite places to shop? What catches your eye when you shop?

5) Did your decision to embrace your natural hair impact your personal sense of style? Describe?

6) Do you have a celebrity style icon? A person you draw inspiration from...

7) What is one fashion tip, you would like to leave my readers with?

Can't Wait to show the world how Fierce, Fabulous, Chic, and Beautiful You ARE!!!

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