Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chic Inspiration- He Has His Hand On You... Part II

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After torturing my mind and my heart about the pain of a miscarriage, I finally began to feel peace.  I was reminded that every delay isn't a denial; sometimes it is simply a wait... I am truly a living testimony of that.

I started the month of November 2010 by deciding to stop counting, stop stressing, and to stop worrying. I placed the situation in God's hands and focused on the blessings already in my life. I spent time with my wonderful husband, who was so strong, caring, and loving. I played with my eldest daughter who was growing up so quickly and beautifully. I sat back, counted my blessings, and I drew strength to truly Let Go and Let God. I would be lying if I told you that the desire to have another child was gone, it wasn't. My outlook had changed and I continued to pray and trusted God's timing instead of my own.

As 2010 drew to an end, I still didn't see the desire of my heart come to pass. I began to get a little discouraged, because I didn't want to bring this disappointment into another year. "Not in 2011," I prayed. The story of Hannah came to my mind and I read Samuel 1:18-19. Hannah was a woman of the bible who couldn't have children. She struggled with this year after year and was never able to conceive. During one visit to the temple, she prayed so hard that the prophet Eli thought she was drunk, when she explained her longing desire to have a son, the prophet told her to go and that her request has been heard. Hannah immediately stopped weeping and trusted the word of God. Hannah used the practice of faith and accepted the word of God even though there was no evidence of her answered prayer. I told myself I needed to do the same thing. I praised God for the test, the trial, the season of waiting, and I thanked him in advance for 2011, because I knew in my heart, this would be the year that He would bless us with a child.

On January 7th, 2011, I  purchased a pregnancy test. I didn't wait another day, or another week because I was exercising my faith. I remember those five minutes felt like five hours, but finally it was there, a positive sign. The first thing that I did was thank God. I was pregnant!

Usually when God answers your prayers, changes your life, or starts to unfold his blessings for you, your past is always there to remind you of the failures and hurt of before. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me. Due to the pain of my miscarriage, I handled the first months of my pregnancy with an insane amount of care. I was worried everyday that my little miracle will turn into another loss. I held my breath at every doctor's appointment because I feared that I would hear another bad report. I even put off telling family members and friends just in case something happened. I wasn't exercising Faith, I was operating in fear. I foolishly told myself that thinking and behaving this way would help me prepare for the worst... I was so wrong! This attitude, kept me from enjoying my blessing, my experience, and my pregnancy. I prayed and asked God to take away this uneasy feeling. The word Faith came to me... Faith isn't thinking that everything will go the way you want it to, it is understanding that God knows best and whatever happens is for a specific reason and purpose. I purposed in my heart to stop worrying and began to celebrate my pregnancy. I was gleaming, I was happy, I felt like God truly smiled on me!

On September 8th, 2011, my dream came true! My second daughter was born healthy, strong, and beautiful! God had answered my exact prayer. When I heard her cry, a sense of peace, gratefulness, and joy overcame me. As soon as she was handed to me, her eyes locked with mine and I knew why God took his time... He was creating the perfect puzzle piece needed to complete my little family. She looked just like me and I couldn't help but thank God for this moment, Thank him for the test, and thank Him for the lesson that I learned from it. 

 Today I feel like everything that I have gone through has prepared me to truly understand that God has me completely covered. Life isn't always going to be easy, No one ever promised it will be; but when you trust God completely, trust His plan and submit to His will for your life, you will make it through the storms of life. If you are waiting to give birth to anything in your life, whether it be a baby, a career, a dream, a goal, or a ministry, wait on God's perfect timing and have faith in His plan. I'm a living testimony that sometimes a setback is a setup for God's move in your life. Looking back, if I got pregnant when I planned, I wouldn't have understood the power of God for myself. Trust God, encourage yourself, and it will come to pass.

I really hope this story encourages someone that is on the brink of giving up, someone who is walking away from a dream, someone who feels like God has forgotten them. I hope that this story reminds you to hold on, stay strong, and to build the type of relationship with God that allows you to weather the storms of life. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this story... you probably can't even begin to understand how much I needed to hear this reminder. Thank you

    1. Thank you! We overcome by our testimonies, so I am honored to share this and I'm so glad it could help.