Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Are you in a Styling Rut??

I remember a time in my natural hair journey where my styles varied between a twist-out and a bantu-knot-out. I didn't try anything else and I was beginning to feel like I was in a hairstyle rut. Natural Hair is so versatile and us natural girls can do so many amazing things with our hair. Unfortunately, we easily get caught in a style rut because we stick to  the same styles and tend not to be adventurous with our hair. Are you in a styling rut? Are you looking for new hairstyles to try? Well, check out these two up dos by yours truly....

* These Hairstyles are done on stretched natural hair. Read below to learn how to properly and safely stretch your natural hair.

Preparing your Natural Hair: 
To safely stretch your hair, try these methods:

 1) Use curlformers after a deep conditioning and wash. Let them set over night and then use a blow dryer on medium heat to add a little more stretch to the roots of your hair. To see a video tutorial on how to use curlformers, click HERE

2) Use the African Threading Method. The video Tutorial can be found HERE

3) Blow Drying/ Blow Out
          a. Start by deep conditioning and washing your hair.
          b. Using a water-based leave- in condition and thoroughly detangle your hair section by section.
          c. Separate your hair into small workable sections. Twist and use clips to hold.
          d. Use a heat protectant like, Tresemme Heat Tamer and apply to each section of damp hair.
          e. After applying the heat protectant, add a small amount of grape seed oil to each section of hair for  extra protection from heat and added shine. 
          f. Blow dry small sections on medium heat.

*Your goal is not to get your hair bone straight but to give your natural hair a slight stretch for these styles.
Now that your hair is prepared for the styles, Check out how to accomplish these chic and easy updos.

Hope these styles work for you!!
Hugs and Love,


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