Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Strange but Effectively Chic Beauty Remedies...

I'm pretty sure we have all heard some of these strange beauty remedies, and wondered if they actually work... Well, I am going to share a couple of strange but effective remedies that have been proven by the experts and myself. The tips that I am sharing have all been used by me and are very effective. As always, results may vary.

Puffy Eyes- Frozen Tablespoons and Preparation H

Late night with the girls? Up all night studying? Unfortunately, the eyes are a dead giveaway for a lack of sleep and with my early morning wake-up calls, no one has time to look haggered, tired, and sleep deprived.

If you want to reduce those puffy eyes and give the illusion of a great and restful night, Try these tips...

1) Place two metal tablespoons in the freezer for about ten minutes. When they are nice and cold, place the bottom side of the spoons over each eye. When the bottom side get warm, flip the spoon over to the scooped side and placed over your eyes. The coolness of the spoon and the ideal shape of the spoon, immediately shrinks up those stressed blood vessels under the eyes and helps eliminate puffiness.

2) Dry the eyes thoroughly and if you still need to combat some puffiness, dab some Preparation H under those tired and puffy eyes. Yes, the miracle cream used to relieve hemorrhoids can restrict the puffiness under your eyes as well.

A Giant Pimple!!!! NO!!!!!- Toothpaste and Visine

Try these tips for killing the pimple that has popped up at the most inconvenient time...

1) As soon as you feel that pimple about to burst its ugly head and break through your skin, thoroughly clean the infected area, dry the infected area, and dab a thin layer of  plain white toothpaste on the area. Toothpaste has an amazing drying quality and it helped me dry up pimples before they became inflamed and unsightly. As a matter of fact, this remedy was used the keep a chin pimple at bay this week. :)

2) If the pimple is already inflamed, red, and irritated, try dripping some visine on a clean q-tip or cotton ball and lightly apply it the clean infected area to alleviate redness and inflammation. Be careful not to press down or hold the visine on the infected area for too long... you don't want to burn your skin.Once the redness and inflammation is reduced, you can use concealer to cover up the blemished area.

I hope these tips work for you!!
Hugs and Love,


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