Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Your Natural Hair Is Growing!!

As a new natural, I had many days where I stared and stared at my hair and it felt like it wouldn't grow an inch. I protected it, I nurtured it, I massaged it, I moisturized it, and month after month, it looked exactly the same. I had moments where I reached the point of frustration. I was watching these vloggers with there super long natural hair, comparing my journey to their journey and trying to rush the naturally steady process of healthy hair growth...

So, how did I get over it? I had to remind myself of the condition of my hair when I was relaxing. I reminded myself that though my relaxed hair was a lot longer that this tightly curled fro, it was unhealthy, thinning, and extremely damaged. I started to look back at older pictures I took after my big chop and I began to notice it: My hair is growing, my hair is thriving!! I'm at the start of my journey and ever month it is getting better, healthier, and stronger; I am so glad I didn't give up!

New naturals have a hard time judging their hair growth because our tight coils, and curls usually grow out as oppose to down. If you are feeling frustrated and if you can't see you progress, try these things.

1) Do a picture comparison. Place pictures of similar styles from different points in your journey side by side to notice the increase width, thickness, and length of your hair. I was so shocked after my first comparison picture. I had no idea that I experienced that much growth. Try it and this will give you an instant boost of motivation and accomplishment.

2) Try Protective Styles- There is an old saying that says "a watched pot never boils." Do some box braids, kinky twist, or other related styles and keep them in for about a month and half. Not only are you protecting your hair from constant styling, but you are taking your focus away from what appears to be limited growth. Once you remove your protective styles, you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of growth you experienced (Read my post on healthy hair tips during protective styling-HERE and HERE)

3) Stop stressing your hair- Let go of what you think your hair should be and just let it be. Don't compare it, don't scrutinize it, and don't wish it to be what it is clearly not. I will never have Traci Ross Ellis curls, I have something better; Jere's Curls. Love your hair, love yourself, love your beautiful. The minute I let go of my preconceived notions about my natural hair and accepted it, I found the beauty of my natural hair... and it is truly amazing!! It is so versatile, so perfect, it is my crown of glory!! (See me  speak candidly about my Hair struggles and acceptance HERE)

Hopefully this encourages those new naturals out there that are on the brink of hair frustration. Remember, the biggest problem we have with our hair, is that we think, our hair is a problem! Your hair is beautiful, unique, and amazing. Embrace all that it is and you will love your hair as much as I love mine. I have included pictures below of my growth and journey, please check them out for inspiration and motivation.

Hugs and Love,

Top Picture- Nov 2012
Bottom Picture- Feb. 2013

Don't let the shrinkage fool you!! You hair is growing!!!
Feb. 2013

Two Light Blow-outs... Look at the difference!!!
In the first pic, my hair is barely passing my ears, second pic, my hair is on my shoulders!!)
(First pic at the end of December before I installed my box braids.)
 (Second picture Feb. 14th, after I took out my box braids)

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  1. Oh my goodness!! I really needed to read this!! I've been getting so frustrated lately, but I'm realizing that I have to let my hair do its own thing...Thank you so much!!