Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscars 2013- Chic Red Carpet Fashion

Yaaayyyy!!! I got to witness another amazing Red Carpet with some amazing fashions. I was going to write this entry tomorrow morning, but I'm so excited about these A+ looks that I couldn't wait till then. The Oscars did a huge revamping this year. They drop the Academy Awards, now going by just The Oscars and it seems like the stars made more bold and inspiring choices with their fashions as well. There were so many great looks, it was so hard to narrow it down to my favorites; but after much deliberation, here they are!!! I can't wait to see if my picks line up with the fashion experts.... Well, here goes, my Chic Red Carpet Picks: Oscar Edition!

Kelly Rowland is my absolute favorite gown and look of the night! When I saw her walk across the Red Carpet, I immediately stopped what I was doing and took notice. Her dress, her hair, her shoes, her minimal jewelry, everything was simply breathtaking! The classic color choice of black and white was brought to another echelon of fashion with the inclusion of her thigh high and daring spilt. I don't think I even have to mention how great Kelly's body is, her tight and tone body serve as a perfect foundation to this look (Shout out to Jeanette Jenkins). The exaggerated top portion of the dress creates an amazing silhouette that is to die for (please excuse the dramatics but I loooovvvveee this dress). The fitted bodice and long trail screams royalty. Ms. Rowland absolutely stole the Red Carpet! This Donna Karen dress is an absolute winner!

The beautiful Halle Berry is my next pick for best dressed. I am started to wonder if she reads my blog because when I reviewed her dress for the Golden Globes, I was wishing that someone as beautiful as Halle wouldn't rely so heavily on the overtly sexy.... She did just that tonight. Here is a perfect example of how sexy can be packaged with minimal exposure of the skin. This dress is hot!! I love the material, this sequins and metallic number sent my fashion instincts on overdrive! The deep V neckline is perfect, tastefully sexy and allow Ms. Berry to show off her beautiful neck, defined collar bone, and gorgeous waistline. The structured shoulders are the perfect addition to the amazing dress because it brings a sexy edginess to this look. Ms. Berry and Versace nailed it tonight! Gorgeous Dress on a Gorgeous Woman!

Charlize Theron brought her A game in this simple but thoroughly fashionable dress. This white dress looks amazing on her skin tone and body frame. The peplum detail is hugely on trend and the placement and size of the peplum are perfect for this formal dress and formal occasion. The slight working of sequins on the peplum and trail adds the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to this already amazing dress. The V neckline is perfect for this statuesque beauty known for her amazingly defined body! This is another winner. I Love this Christian Dior Haute Couture gown on the beautiful Charlize Theron.

Naomi Watts served up every bit of fashion, edge, Hollywood glamor, and sexiness in this amazing Armani Gown. This full sequin gown with the deconstructive neckline is so beautiful and perfect. It is unexpected and nontraditional, but works so well! I wish I could see this dress in person, I would love to just touch the material... I'm drooling right now! LOL! This dress pushes the envelope just enough and doesn't leave us with that unsure feeling that some high-fashion gowns do. You know the feeling, when you left wondering if its a really great dress or a really ugly dress? This gown is epitome of smart high-fashion... I absolutely love it!!

Zoe Saldana was another beauty on the red carpet. This white-to-gray floral-appliqued gown with a gradient effect by Alexis Mabille Couture was an absolute winner. I loved the detailing of the floral bodice and especially love how the designer so effortlessly utilized the colors of gray, slate gray, and dark gray in the ruffle detail of the bottom of the gown. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a huge advocate for defining that waist with a belt and the small detail of the belt just adds the perfect touch to this amazing dress. Zoe's thin frame carries this dress so well. The only thing I dislike about this gown is the bow detailing on he side of the dress. I really think the designer should have picked the bow or the belt but not both. Besdies that one small detail that urks me,  Zoe looks absolutely beautiful!!!

Join the discussion, tell me what you think of my picks... who were your picks for Best Dressed tonight?

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  1. I loved all of your picks except for Zoe Saldana, that belt with the bow and the ruffles was too much! I would have put Jennifer Lawrence in her place. You other picks are on point!!

  2. I kinda liked Zoe Saldana's look... she is such a classic beauty. My favorite look was definely Charlize Theron, what a goddess. Jennifer Lawrence dress was pretty but expected. I think you are so right about your choices. I enjoyed reading.