Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Staple Products!!!

Finding the products that work perfectly with YOUR hair can be the difference between having hair nightmares and dream hair! I remember when I first embarked on this journey, I tried every product out there... It was so bad that every time I purchased another product, I felt like I should say, "My name is Jeré, and I am a product junkie." Even though the period of trying, buying, using, and throwing away products was expensive and futile at times, that period led me to find the products that work best for my hair and give me amazing results every time!! Now, I would not recommend doing what I did. Instead, try sample sizes and experiment with a product and see how it works before you commit to buying the full size. Also, be aware that your hair will love different things at different times, so listen to your hair. Pay attention to the amount of moisture felt after using a product, the amount of time it takes you to detangle after use. What works for me or another natural might not work for you. We all have different hair needs and wants and there is a product out there that will fulfill them for you.

Well here is a list of products that I constantly use on my hair. I discovered them through trial and error and I love how each of these products work with my hair.

1) KBB's Sweet Ambrosia- I found this amazing leave-in when I was on the verge of giving up! It effectively helps with detangling and moisturizing my hair. It leaves my hair soft and manageable! KBB's products are coming to Target stores in February and I'm so excited that this staple will be readily available and at my finger tips!! :)))   

2) Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask: this is a powerful and rich deep conditioner that leaves my hair nourished, and completely moisturized!! The Argan oil and Shea butter are powerful ingredients that my hair just loves and needs. This product Is $9.99 at Target and Walgreens. I usually DC with this product for about two hours, rinse out, and then I'm left with soft, nourished, moisturized hair.

3) Organix Coconut Milk condition is My all time favorite produce for co-washing!! The creamy consistency coats my strands so perfectly!! It give a lot of slip and makes detangling a breeze. I also add a couple of drops of this conditioner in my spray bottle mixed with oil and water for refreshing my styles.

4) Coconut Oil is perfect for sealing my hair! I add this oil to my hair from roots to tips on Sunday night before bed and I do not have to retouch until Wednesday night. This oil is super rich and this brand is my favorite!

5) Eco Styler gel is my bestie right now!! I have tried all the other curling cremes, puddings, boosters, etc... but nothing worked like some good old fashion, inexpensive Eco Styler Gel (Olive Oil). I purchased a supersized container for $5.00 in October at Sally's and it is still half full. It holds my bantu knot out, twist outs, braid outs, and other styles effectively without overly drying my hair. I coat my hair with olive oil then the eco styler gel and it does wonders for me and the appearance of my curls.

6) QP Elasta Mango Butter is an amazing moisturizer. It effectively coats my hair and its buttery consistency melts in the strands of my hair so perfectly!! I love using this products when I am moisturizing and sealing my hair. I also use this when my hair is box braided to keep the hair underneath moisturized and the box braids neat. It only around $6.

7) The spray bottle is one of my favorite tools in regards to my natural hair care. I fill my spray bottle with water (about 80%) and I add my fav conditioner (organic coconut milk) and oil (coconut and olive oil) and saturate my hair to detangle with ease! When I was a new natural, I use to detangle my hair in its dry state (YIKES). I did my research, and I discovered how adding this step makes detangling so much easier!! This also works for refreshing curls.

8) A great comb and brush is a natural hair MUST!! A great wide tooth comb allows you to detangle your hair from the ends to the roots without the unnecessary pulling and ripping of your hair. I have two different wide tooth combs; one for the shower (wider) and one for everyday styling. My denman brush is another must have. It is perfect for smoothing my hair and is my go to tool for my slightly stretched natural hair.

9)  Olive Oil is another perfect oil for sealing my hair! It is a little lighter than coconut oil so I use this product to seal my hair when I'm doing twist outs, braid outs, bantu knot outs, etc...I usually add this oil with my favorite conditioner and water in a spray bottle to refresh my hair.

These products work for me, but they may not work for you. If you want to give them a try, go for it and try to get sample sizes or borrow from a friend!! If you try any of these products, please share your results with me in the comment section below. Remember to listen to your hair... when the product is right for your hair, trust me, you will see the difference.

Hugs and Love,

Nappturally Chic Jere

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