Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to Survive Single Awareness Day :)

A day like this may be hard for people who are single or who have recently lost love. Every minute of the day has a blatant way of reminding you that you are currently single. You see the flowers, stuff animals, smiles, and happy couples everywhere and you wonder why not me??? This day can be so discouraging that many singles have penned Valentine's Day as Single Awareness Day or S.A.D.

If you want to "survive" Single Awareness Day, read on for some great tips to turn this day into a great one!

1) You are not the only single person on earth! Yeah I know that especially today it feels like it, but you are not. Get together with single co-workers, friends, family members, and enjoy yourself. Go out to eat at a trendy restaurant, grab some drinks after work at a popular lounge, dress up, go glam, and enjoy the night. You may be surprised by the amount of fun you can have if you change your perspective on the day.

2) Spoil Yourself and Pamper Yourself!! If you want to stay home, nix the romantic movies, bathrobe, curlers, ice-cream, and junk food. Instead treat yourself to some R & R!! Take a bubble bath, give yourself a mani-pedi, create a chocolate mask facial, enjoy your own company. If you want to get out, Book a Spa Day!! Give yourself the royal treatment and indulge in comfort and luxury by treating yourself to an amazing professional massage. Sit back and relax while you melt your cares away and allow yourself to focus on how great life is even if you don't have a significant other. While you are relaxing, remind yourself that most couples are out there dealing with the hustle and bustle of crowded restaurants, overpriced food, and long lines. Just relax and remember, it's just another day in the calendar.

3) Avoid Social Media. You will see countless reminders of your "singledom" as everyone proclaims their love through their status updates, tweets, Instagram photos, etc... It will be there so avoid it!!

4) Go to a singles mixer... You will never meet anyone sitting on your couch, so get out there. There are a plethora of establishment that are hosting special events just for singles. Use Google to find some in your area. Be adventurous (and safe) and meet new people.

5) Celebrate the non-romantic loves in your life!! Valentine's Day is a day of Love...all types of love. So take this opportunity to show love to your best friends, your family members, or your children. Celebrate the love you have for them and you may be surprised by all the love that surrounds you each and everyday of the year.

6) Treat yourself!! Buying the perfect Valentine's Day gift can create a great deal of pressure for couples, they feel pressured to find the perfect gift and often times are disappointed when gifts aren't what was expected or wanted. Guess what? You don't have that pressure. You know exactly what you want, so get it!

7) Lastly, appreciate the fact that timing is everything. There is a special person out there for you and the more time you spend on loving yourself and improving yourself, the better and more equipped you will be for love when it is ready for you. It is so much better to be alone, healthy, and happy, than to rush and be with someone who may cause you stress, hurt and pain. Don't rush love just so you can say you have it....take your time and it will find you :)

You are loved today!! You are loved everyday!! Look around and see it, appreciate it, reciprocate it, cherish it, and own it!!!

Hugs and Love,

Nappturally Chic Jeré

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