Friday, February 22, 2013

Chic Wardrobe Staples for Today's Fashionista

One question I get asked over and over again, is if I  spend a lot of money on clothes. When I tell people I don't, they give me a doubtful look and assume I'm in denial...lol! I recently had a discussion with a beautiful but busy mom and she explained that she would love to be fashionable but that she doesn't have the time or the money. I wonder how many of my readers are in the same situation...? That conversation sparked this entry, I want to share a secret that helps every woman look extremely fashionable without spending the big bucks, Chic Wardrobe Staples!!

These chic and classic staple pieces can help you build amazing outfits effortlessly while staying on trend and keeping extra money in your wallet. First, let me explain what a staple piece is. A staple piece in a wardrobe is an item of clothing that can be worn throughout the different seasons and can be used to build many different outfit options. Staples are important, because they are the items that survive trends, fads, and the ever changing seasons. Here is my list of Chic Wardrobe Staples.

1) Basic Tops- Basic tops like short/long sleeve v-neck cotton tops, and plain tank tops serve as an important foundation to any outfit or look. They can be dressed up or dressed down very simply with the smart choice of inexpensive jewelry or scarves. These pieces are very inexpensive ranging from $3 to $10 so it is easy to purchase them in different colors so that you can layer them with other staple pieces.
Outfit Ideas: Basic Top with Jeans, Basic Tops paired with a blazer, Basic Tops paired with a  trendy printed skirt,

This basic $3 Top is taken to a fashionable level by using an inexpensive headscarf, earrings, and necklace.
Look how this inexpensive tank top pulls this look together.

2) The Button-up Shirt/Blouse (Cotton or Sheer)- Nothing dresses up a look  more than a crisp button up shirt with a tailored and flattering fit. It can be worn in a variety of ways and it never goes out of style. Paired with your favorite jeans for a laid back fashionable flare or paired with your favorite skirt for a touch of femininity, the options with this staple are endless. Start with basic colors like a white, black, soft pinks and tans, and you can build a variety of looks.
A simple an inexpensive black blouse like the one shown here can be worn in a variety of ways bringing endless options to your wardrobe.

3) Dark Rinse Slim fitting Jeans- A great pair of jeans are important to any woman's wardrobe. They can be styled in an abundance of ways making them perfect for almost any occasion. The most important thing to remember when purchasing your classic denim jeans is to buy a dark rinse, purchase a slim fit, and to stay away from any overt designs on the jeans that could take them from classic to trendy. Take these jeans to a tailor to ensure that they fit perfectly in length and fit. I can't begin to tell you how many of my outfits were born out of a great pair of jeans.
Examples of some the many styling possibilities of Dark Rinse Jeans.

4) Black Trouser Pants (Slim, skinny, or boot cut) and a Black Pencil Skirt- These two items are perfect for the workplace, date night, girls night, etc... They are a versatile part of any wardrobe and can be worn with a variety of other classic pieces to create a new look. The color black allows you to build looks by using other colors and black is a flattering and slimming color on all shapes. The Slim lines of the pants and skirt are also very flattering silhouettes on most body types.

Examples of the endless options created with a great pair of pants and a great pencil skirt. Notice how the slight addition of color or the choice of wearing all black can completely change your look.  
6) A structured Black Blazer- If there is anything in my wardrobe that I would never be without, it is a great structured black blazer. A great blazer can bring functional style to any outfit. Pair it with the other staples mentions and you can instantly revamp your look. I love wearing my blazers with jeans and a basic top, slim fitting pants, shorts, and skirts... I love to wear them with everything. If you are trying to build your wardrobe, start off with a simple black blazer and add primary colored blazers to your wardrobe periodically to add zest to any outfit. I love to purchase my blazers at Forever21. They are usually low priced with a wide selection. I have found some great priced blazers at Ross, Mad Rag, and Marshall's as well.

Examples of some blazer looks. Do you notice how the addition of the blazer pulls the look together in an effortless and polished way. The top three pictures show the exact same blazer, but the styling makes it look like a new outfit each time I wear it. Don't forget, start off with a basic black blazer and add primary colors periodically to add some zest to outfits.

7) Little Black Dress (LBD)- This staple is a great item for any special occasions or events. You want to purchase one that makes you feel like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. Pay attention to the cut and shape to make sure it is flattering to your body type. Purchase a LBD with classic a-line shape, it will never go out of style! The purchase of inexpensive accessories can completely transforms your LBD into many different looks. a Colorful statement necklace and colorful shoes can bring some color to this dark ensemble. Throw on a white structured blazer for a fashionable corporate look. You can even add sequins pieces to take a simple LBD to a fun, trendy, and exciting new look.

I purchased this black dress for $7 at Forever21...the addition of a trendier sequins blazer takes this seven dollar look to another level.

8) A Great Day Dress- A loose fitting comfortable day dress like a maxi dress, or a short dress are perfect additions to any wardrobe. In the summer and spring, wear them alone with a cute waist cinching belt and with some fashionable wedged heels. You can also pair it with a cropped denim jacket and flats. In the cooler months, wear shorter dresses with tights and blazer and wear maxi dresses with a figure hugging sweater over it and some boots. These dresses are versatile and very inexpensive, buy them periodically in a couple of your signature colors.

Two examples of some great day dresses that can easily transition into the different seasons. Notice my repeat use of accessories with the brown belt to add contrast to both dresses.

These are just a couple of great pieces to build your wardrobe. Remember that small inexpensive pieces like earrings, necklaces, scarfs, and hats can help you bring even more versatility to your looks. Have fun shopping for your basic staple pieces and remember, you don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. Revamp, Re-use, and Renew your outfit effortlessly the Nappturally Chic Way!!! :)

Hugs and Love,


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