Monday, February 11, 2013

Chic Artistry- Make Up Artist Jo Michelle

It is hard to describe the feeling you get after your makeup is done by a skilled professional make up artist. A great MUA sees your face as a canvas and creates a beautiful portrait that accentuates your beauty while downplaying your flaws. When you have found a person, who gets your face, your eyes, your cheeks, your nose, and your brows, you have found treasure!!
Getting a professional makeover isn't an everyday thing but, I think every woman should experience it at least a couple of times in their life time. Not only will you have a flawless face for a special event, but you will learn so much during the process and be able to recreate looks and techniques for your everyday makeup.

I had a couple of bad experiences with unskilled MUAs. I remember I was doing a test run for my wedding make up and this particular MUA left my face looking harsh, unnatural, almost resembling a thunder cat, yes, A Thunder Cat, lol. I was ready to swear off MUAs for life until I found a makeup artist who is talented, personable, and extremely gifted.

Meet Jo Michelle! This MUA is extremely gifted and is a true artist. In my opinion, her claim to fame is her magnificent and natural definition of the brow, the "Jo Brow." She also has an amazing skill in the creation of intense and glamorous smokey eyes, pouty lips, and amazing contouring. Her knowledge of makeup, face shape, and colors allows her to effortlessly transform faces from the ordinary to the extraordinary in a natural and appealing way. She is my personal makeup artist and every time she does my face, I am beyond satisfied!!!

Check out her work below....

A quick shot of myself after the artistry of JoMichelle... Please forgive the pouty lips and eyes, I was feeling myself a little bit too much lol!!!

So natural yet so glamorous!!!

Natural Glam!!

I love this lip color!!

The picture shown above is a perfect example of the "Jo Brow" Look how she defined and shaped that thinner brow into a full, natural, beautifully shaped brow.

Gorgeous Smokey Eye!

Beautiful Color Combinations

Here are some Makeup Tips from JoMichelle

1) DIMENSION: Flat/non-dimensional skin is unnatural. Be sure to find and accent the natural highlights and contours of your face with makeup to give it dimension.
2) BROWS: Never use black to fill in your eyebrows. Regardless of how dark skinned you may be, black pencil in the brows never looks natural. Try a dark brown pencil like "Stud" by MAC instead.
3) PREP: Be sure to prep your skin for makeup! Dry/flaky skin will look even more dry and flaky with makeup on top of it. IN contrast, oily skin appears even more oily over time with makeup. Cleans and moisturize!
4) EYE SHADOWS: When applying shadows be sure to follow the NATURAL shape of your eyes. Don't create an imaginary crease that doesn't actually exist on your face. You will look OVER-done.
5) FOCUS AREAS: If your eyes are the focal point of the makeup (ie: smokey eyes), keep the lips natural. And vice-versa

Are you in the Orlando area? Do you want your makeup done by the Fabulous JoMichelle? Here is her contact information.


Contact information:

Instagram: Lovejomichelle

Facebook fan page: Facebook.com/loveislandbeautymeetsjomichelle


  1. Wow, she is very pretty!! I just Loooovvvveeee those brows and that smokey eye!! I wish I lived in her area.... :(