Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wilnise and her Napptural Hair Journey

Check out Wilnise's inspirational journey to natural hair, self discovery, and her unwavering love for HER natural curls.
Nappturally Chic Jere:  Tell me about your hair before you decided to go natural.

Wilnise Francois: For as long as I could remember, my hair and the condition and styled it was in, was at the top of my beauty list. I would spend countless hours in the mirror creatively perfecting styles to show off the very next day in school. Our hair, my hair was an integral part in defining my beautiful. The texture, the length and the health of it was attached to the notion that, the straighter the healthier, the longer the better. At the age of 12 years old, I finally convinced my mother,  to relax or as we called it "perm" my gorgeous thick nappy hair.
NCJ: How did you feel about your newly relaxed hair?
WF: It was a day of both realization and defeat. My hair fell down my back as straight and silky as it can be, but; that day also led to an endless battle of breakage, bald spots, and utter frustration with my relaxed tresses. During my years of mistreating my hair, I experimented with colors, weaves, glues and thread unknowingly causing damage to my once thick and happy hair. 
NCJ: Describe your hair “breaking point.” When did you have enough of the damage?
WF: The unhappier I was with my hair, the harder it was to style. Doing my hair became a chore, one that I despised because the health of my hair declined. Weaving became my form of relief. I would weave my hair for months on end all because "it was too thin to deal.” I was so  uneducated on proper treatment of my own hair that I would only work to preserve my "Remi" hair (hair extension). What a costly price. 

NCJ: What prompted the change in your hair care habits and your decision to go natural?
WF: One tiresome day,  all my hair abuse ended. I woke up and realized concealing my hair was no way of conditioning it. Hiding and tucking away from a problem was no way of confronting it strand by strand. Finally I had enough and on October 2010 I decided to dedicate myself to preserving and loving my hair, root to tip. 

NCJ: Can you describe your period of transitioning and how you learned to accept your curl?
WF: It began with a whirlwind of YouTube gurus, product reviews and concoctions made in my kitchen. In the very beginning of acceptance, I would spend countless hours browsing YouTube for the very best product to define my curl, lusting with hair envy over the girls who so bravely documented their stories and shared. My goal was to make my curls pop and pop they did, sort of. I was too preoccupied with everyone else's hair that I didn't even pay attention to what my hair wanted. I didn't pay attention to its curl because I would try so hard to manipulated it to the curl I thought it should be. Product after product, if it didn't curl like Sue then that product wasn't for me.
NCJ: Curl Envy…wow, I think most new naturals go through that phase! I know I did…I was chasing the wash and go curls, lol… How did you overcome that?
WF: Today I can proudly say those days of curl manipulations are long gone. Am I as creatively inclined to style my hair as I did in the beginning? No! I have come to point where I am truly in love with my hair. I love how it grows!  I love how it stands and it is something that I try to show off as much as possible. Experimenting with different styles is one thing I don't do as often but I love it that way. I'm thankful for the experimenting phase because without it I would have never been as inclined to love me as openly as I truly do. Who knows maybe all decide to really style it again, one day!

NCJ: What is your advice for new naturals out there?
WF: Low manipulation is key, I use little to no product in my hair. A good leave in will always do the trick as a basic wash and go is my go to style (It always look better 4 days later). Be truly in love with your hair! Love YOU openly! 
Thanks for sharing your bautiful hair story!! Your story of acceptance and love for her curls is truly inspirational!!!

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