Thursday, January 3, 2013

Trend Alert-- Winter CHIC!!!

I don't think anyone hates wearing jackets, hats, and scarves, as much as I do. Unfortunately when it gets cold, you have no choice but to bundle up and stay warm. The winter months shouldn't equate to frigid fashion. Try some of these tips to look wint-fabulous.

1) Invest in a great looking jacket. One that makes you feel fabulous and warm. Stay away from trendy looks and purchase a classic cut and style. I recommend using leather/faux leather motto jackets to add some drama to day looks and a colored (red, burgundy, purple) trench coat to add some warmth to dressier outfit.

2) Throw on some layers... Incorporate some fall button up blouses and place a chunky sweater over it. Warm up your blazers with a basic long sleeve tee and a chunky scarf.

3) Accessorize!! Use color!! So what if it's cold! Your statement necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can still be used to warm up any boring sweater. Find a knit hat with some bling and keep your head fashionable warm.

4) Purchase just two to three fashionable sweater. Pieces that make you long for cold weather because you can't wait to wear them. Geo prints, Aztec patterns, and polka dot sweaters are really nice to incorporate with the colored jean trend from summer and fall.

5) Boots!!! Wearing thigh high and calf high boots can take anyone from a winter rut to the winter runway. Not comfortable in high heeled boots? There are plenty of low heeled options.

6) Dresses, skirts, and shorts, OH MY!!  Still wear your dresses, skirts, and shorts. Yeah, I know it's cold but nothing can stop me from wearing my favorite leg bearing pieces. Invest in some tights and leggings and pair them with your favorite dresses and skirts. Add the high boots and no winter weather can stop you from being Nappturally Chic!!!!

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