Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Street Chic!!! Girl's Night!!

There is nothing more chic than having a great group of friends! People who encourage, uplift, motivate, and keep it real with you. Just like any other relationship, friendships need commitment and maintenance to ensure that they are in working order. As a wife and a working mom, it is so easy to get caught up with my wonderful husband and beautiful girls. I love my life at home, but I began to notice that I wasn't spending as much time as I would like with my girls. As women, we need that time with our friends. Friends are the mirror we need to reflect what's positive and what needs to be changed in our lives. They are the fun patrol that breaks us away from the monotony of our busy schedules. If you have one, two, or a few of these people in your life, you are truly blessed.

This past Saturday, some of girlfriends and I had a Girls Night. We do this once a month, get dressed up, go to one of our favorite restaurants and just eat, talk, laugh, and have a great time. We all have different styles and personalities so I wanted to showcase what we wore and talk about our own individual style since this blog is also about my passion for fashion. :)
Susie- The Classic Chic Beauty
Susie loves to keep things simple, chic, and modern. She won't chase all the trends but will find ways to incorporate small parts of it in the items that she already owns and loves. She loves JCPennys and Macys... I don't think anyone loves those stores as much as she does. Lol!! Her color palette is very simple as well. She tends to pick colors from the primary family. This British Chic Girl can and will surprise you with her fashion. Just when you thought you had her figured out, she can shock you with a fashionable choice that makes you take notice. Her simple body con black and white striped skirt paired with this classic black blazer is a perfect reflection of Susie's Classic Chic Look.

Jenell- The Functionally Chic Beauty
Jenell is probably the least fussy person I know when it comes to fashion. Her top two questions for purchasing anything is how much does it cost and is this comfortable. She loves the trends but she is not willing to spend an arm and a leg for it. She loves skinny legged pants, wedges, button down blouses, and loves to wear lots of color. She is not a stiletto and mini dress girl, but her style is perfect for her and works well for frame. Her trendy mint blouse pair with her skinny jeans and pewter shoes and belt are gorgeous on my bestie and super stylish as well.
Jeré- The T.C.F. Chic Beauty
Strangely enough, I am a mixture of a trendy, classic, and functional Chic Beauty. My style is determined by my mood and though I love the trends, I tend not to deviate from my favorite classic pieces like soft and feminine tops, structured blazers, and clothing with sleek and clean lines. I don't consider myself a complete trendy shopper because I don't chase after every trend; only the ones that really catch my eye and tug at my fashion gut. I tend to experiment with colors and patterns. I make risky choices in one area of my outfit while playing it safe in the other areas. The look I wore that night is a perfect example of that. I'm keeping it trendy with my faux leather skater skirt (which I love!!!!) but I'm infusing my classic feminine blouse to bring some softness to this edgy skirt. I love purchasing shoes that are classic and can be worn in and out of the different fads so I tend to keep my footwear very classic and chic. I kept it simple with this open toe leather strapped booties. I love accessories that are bold statement pieces so these pentagon shape black and gold rimmed earring are perfect for me.

Tell me who's style is most like yours in the comment section below. Tell us what you think about each of the outfits. If you would like to know where these items where purchased, ask and I will be more than happy to tell you!

Hugs and Love,

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