Thursday, November 14, 2013

Revamping Your Wardrobe!!

I know you have been there before... that moment when you stand in the center of your closet staring at all of your neatly organized and beautiful clothes without finding a thing to wear.When I am faced with this, a fashionista's worst nightmare, I take a hard look at my closet and find ways to rejuvenate what I already have by finding ways to transform my clothes into edgy, modern, and chic looks. Operation: bring life to the dying parts of my wardrobe, is my favorite mission, and it does not have to be a mission impossible for you.

Last night, I was able to bring life to a plain oxblood colored high and low dress purchased in the summer by pairing it with some inexpensive finds that added just the touch I was looking for...

By itself, this burgundy (oxblood) dress is very simple and more suited for a Saturday running errands or a day with the kids. I usually rocked this dress with flats, keeping the look very simple.

I took this dress from drab to fab by first adding the on trend faux leather motto jacket (purchased years ago for around $30 at forever21). To add shape to the dress and elevate the bulk that may be added due to the leather jacket, I added a wide black waist belt to provide contrast and help define my waist. Accessories help bring any outfit to the next level. I chose to stylize this outfit with simple gold square shape studs and a double strand gold chain link chunky necklace (together purchased for less than $15 at Wet Seal). I originally was going to coordinate this look with simple black strappy booties... Then I was inspired!! I purchased leopard print wooden heeled booties approximately two months ago and I didn't get a chance to wear them yet. As soon as my eyes locked on these booties, the whole look came together!!! The leopard print booties pulled the burgundy color of the dress and the touches of black into a cohesive look!! I love revamping my wardrobe!!

Tips for revamping and rejuvenating your wardrobe....

1) Purchase classic pieces that can withstand the ever changing fads and seasons. Things like a classic blazer, a-line dress, dark straight leg denim jeans, and basic tees in basic colors.

2) If you want to make a classic outfit trendy, try purchasing inexpensive but trendy accessories and shoes! Never spend a lot of money on these trendy pieces, they usually don't stay in style for very long. Invest in classic pieces and spend as little as possible on trendy pieces.

3) Don't stay in the safe zone... personal style is a form of self expression. Experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns... Think outside the box and start your own trends!!

4) Love yourself and what you wear! Don't look for validation outside of the validation you give yourself. Rock your favorite outfits with confidence and the world will take notice in a positive way!!

Hugs and Love!!


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