Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rachel's Weight Loss Journey

Please join me as I celebrate and highlight the Inspiring Weight Loss Journey of Rachel N.  
Nappturally Chic Jere: Thanks for taking time to share with me Rachel!  I wanted to feature you, because I think your weight loss is inspiring. I have personally witnessed your healthy transformation and it truly shows how perseverance and commitment can pay off.   It is a new year and the number one resolution for women is to lose weight, commit to a diet, and exercise more. We often feel defeated when are goals aren't accomplished as quickly as we like. Please share how you were able to accomplish this goal? Describe the moment that you decided to start your weight lost journey?
Rachel Nelson: I decided to change my eating habits in the Fall of 2010.  I had challenged myself to lower my cholesterol within three months.  I believe that the best way of honoring God is by being a good steward over what He has given you and so I worked really hard to achieve this goal.
NCJ: I completely agree! 1 Corinthians 6: 15, 19-20 explains that our body is a temple! Please share how you jump started your weight loss?
RN: Instead of focusing on weight loss, I focused on making healthier food choices. Within three months my cholesterol dropped by 60 points and the weight was just dropping off. I went cold turkey by removing all fatty foods from my diet. I gave up cheese, fried foods, creamy white dressings and dips, sodas and sweets. I honestly do not suggest giving up everything cold turkey but that was how my journey began. I do suggest that you eat in moderation and exercise, exercise, exercise. Now, I am on a "Live It". If I want something sweet I eat it. I have maintained my overall weight loss for close to two years and I am really proud of myself. My goal is to lose about 30 more pounds by continuing to make good food choices as well as continuing to be active.
NCJ: Wow!! You were able to maintain your weight loss for two years!! That is a huge accomplishment! What are you currently doing to accomplish your last goal of losing 30 more pounds?
RN: I usually walk about an hour in the mornings and I go to Zumba classes at the YMCA. I am thinking about using the Xbox Connect to make my workouts even more exciting. There is a Dance Central game that I want to try. Even if you don't have a membership at a gym just get moving. Play with the kids, walk around the mall (don't stop at Auntie Anne's Pretzels) or dance around the house often.
NCJ: Most people have a motivational motto, song, or picture to keep them going. Did you have something like that? If so, tell us about it.
RN: There is a song by William McDowell that is called "Never Going Back".  When I hear this I think about the fact that I never want to go back to making poor choices of any kind whether it be food, career choices or when it comes to fulfilling my destiny. In those days I was hiding my true self underneath oversized clothes because I didn't feel as beautiful as I should have. It's not that you cannot be beautiful and buxom at the same time but I was not taking control of the things that were within my power and that made me feel defeated. You would be amazed to know how much more empowered you will feel when you make a decision, follow through and see results.
NCJ: What was the hardest part of your journey, how did you overcome it?
RN: The hardest part of my journey was changing my mindset. I was suddenly faced with options! It was hard for me to move out of the plus size section because that was all I had known for the past 19 years. When I would go into the "regular" department I felt as though the alarms were going to go off or that someone would tell me to get out! As silly as this sounds that is how I felt.  I had to take my husband shopping with me for moral support. He even had me try on things that I would not ordinarily wear (even now...lol) just so I could get the feel of some new styles. I also have a really good friend who gave me some tips about stepping out of the box.
NCJ:  Did your decision to go natural coincide with the weight loss ( I ask because many black women don't work out because of they are worried about their hair)
RN: I actually went natural at exactly the same time for totally different reasons. I was tired of being enslaved to perms and my hair was not growing and thriving like it had in the past. I got a terrible perm in Nov. 2010 and I decided at that point that I was going natural. I actually had been considering it for about two years prior. It just worked out perfectly that I could do my exercises without having to worry about my hair. I felt so liberated when I made that decision.
NCJ: How has the weight loss changed your life?
RN: I am much more confident now and I feel more creative. I feel more beautiful now than I did in my 20's not just because of the weight loss but because I am so much more mature and have learned so many lessons. I wouldn't trade my youthful days for the wisdom and experiences I have had since that time. I have since graduated with my Bachelors, am certifying to become a Life Coach, launched a company, written for a couple of publications, working with a ministry blog , getting ready to go back for my Masters Degree and who knows what else. God is good.
NCJ: Simply Amazing!!! What is one thing you would tell anyone thinking of embarking on their own weight loss journey
RN: I believe that if you view weight loss as a lifestyle and not a fad you will have greater results. Let good health be the goal because you need it in order to pursue your dreams and to be around for your loved ones and yourself. Also, it doesn't matter what your weight is you are beautiful. People have the tendency to pay more attention to you once you have lost weight and while that is flattering, it can still be hurtful when people only respond to you based on how you look on the outside. After all, you are still the same person. Losing weight does not make you a better or worse person so make sure you love yourself no matter what. ..... and if you are hiding---stop! You are too awesome to keep it all to yourself. This is my advice to you.
NCJ: Wonderful Advice! Thanks so much for sharing Rachel. You are truly an inspiration!! Congrats on all of your accomplishments and wishing lots of success to you on all of your endeavors!


  1. I am so proud of Rachel, and I sm proud to say I know and love her! Truly an inspiration!!!!

    Adrienne K.

    1. Thanks for reading Adrienne, Rachel is truly an inspiration! :)

  2. Great job women of God, not just on the weight loss, but on the fact that you have embraced the plans that God has for you! Keepnup the good work.

  3. Rachel, thanks for sharing your story. I am so inspired by you to embark on my own journey to being healthy by making lifestyle changes.

    Thanks again,
    Yevonne Cole
    DIVA-riffic Women (Determined,Inspired,Victorious Aspiring Women)