Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Neesha's Nappturally Hair Journey

Neesha and her beautiful locs are one of my napptural hair inspirations! Check her journey to beautiful locs below...
Nappturally Chic Jere- Tell Me about your hair before you made the decision to go natural… 
Neesha - My journey to napptural hair started after perming my hair for many years. I got fed up of the breakage and shedding and spontaneously decided to go natural. I had great plans to transition with braids for about a year before finally doing my “big chop”. However after about a month of wearing braids and the hassle of detangling the permed ends after removing them, I had enough and I went to the hair salon for my big chop.

NCJ- How did you style your hair after the Big Chop?
NB- I had the TWA texturized and highlighted copper and I felt like a new person! Getting ready was a breeze and I enjoyed the freedom of short hair for a while. But as always, I grew tired of wearing my hair in one style and decided to stop texturizing and to grow my hair into a bigger ‘fro. While on my quest for a BAA, I did a lot of online research (www.nappturality.com and Youtube), tried a whole lot of products and basically experimented to find out what my hair did and did not like.

NCJ- Why did you decide to abandon your quest for the big fro?
NB- I found out that a BAA probably wasn’t for me because I HATE detangling my hair!!! I did maybe two more big chops before I decided that I would stop fighting my hair and let it stay tangled. I was going to start locs!

NCJ- Describe your journey to accomplishing those beautiful locks.
NB- I started with mostly two strand twists, and did about three rows of braids at the back of my head where the hair is straighter. Simple box parts, in a brick pattern with a side part. I knew from my research that the first few months would be the hardest. I wasn’t used to having my hair not looking “done” so locs was an adjustment for me! And I didn’t adjust well at all. I wore braids over my baby locs for a little while until I discovered the concept of loc extensions. I knew that going to a salon would be way too expensive, so I searched for a DIY method. I bought 2 packs of human afro kinky bulk, and got to work on my extensions. I wore those extensions for a couple months until I felt ready to expose my own hair. I removed the extensions, starting from the back until about 6 months later I had taken them all out. I curled it, braided it, twisted it and styled to my heart’s content from then on.

NCJ- Describe how you maintain your beautiful locs, what are your favorite products?
NB- I have been wearing my locs for about 3 and a half years and I can say that this has easily been the best hair decision I have made! After being a product junkie for a while, now I keep my products simple…a clear shampoo (I like Garnier or Tresemme), a deep conditioner for when I color, an alcohol free gel for retwisting, mousse for extra hold when I’m curling my hair and oil for moisture (my favorite is pressed coconut oil). A spray bottle with some water and an essential oil (usually tea tree or rosemary) is a staple when my scalp needs a little refreshing or I’m prepping for curls.

NCJ- What is the biggest lesson you have learn on your journey to natural hair?
NB- The most important thing I learned is that you just have to let your hair do what it do, because your hair is different from everyone else’s and no one can rock it like you do!

Neesha with her texturized and highlighted TWA

Two-Strand Twist Extensions (Neesha's Inspiration for her locs)

The beginning of Neesha's Locs

Neesha's Beautiful, Nappturally Chic Locs!

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