Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Natural Hair Story

My natural hair experience started when I was a child. Unlike other children of Afro-Caribbean descent, my mother had no clue how to do my hair. She couldn't braid or cornrow but she knew how to work that blow dryer and hot comb! Those hair care practices from my younger years led to my obsession with straight hair. From a young age, I didn't think my hair was pretty unless it was straight and touching my shoulders and blowing in the wind.

My Relaxer Experience
I remember seeing my first Just for Me commercial. It came with a catchy song and little girls who looked just like me flipping long and beautiful hair. I ran to my mom and begged her to relax my hair and finally after months of pleading, she took me to get my first relaxer at 12. From that age, I religiously got my "touch-up" every 8 weeks, I learned to embrace the "burn" of the relaxer for optimum results, and I conditioned myself to believe that the new growth in between touch-ups had no place on my beautiful, straight, collar bone length hair. Until....

Transitioning to Natural Hair
After years of relaxing, weaving, coloring, and abusing my hair, I started to notice the damage. My hair was thinning, I was losing length, and I experienced lots of shedding and breakage. I was about to give up on having healthy hair until I talked to my good friend, Jody (my natural hair role model and creamy crack sponsor).  I started to transition October 2010 and had all these unrealistic expectations about my natural hair. I fought with my natural texture and focused on getting my new growth to match my relaxed ends. Lots of breakage later, I was ready to tell off all natural girls and get a box relaxer at my nearest grocery store until I changed my mindset. I began to embrace my natural hair and learned how to make my relaxed ends match my new growth.

Natural Hair Story continued on next post with tips for healthy hair

To see the video of My Natural Hair Story

To see the video of my Natural Hair Journey

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