Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don't Call It A Comeback--- BOX BRAIDS!!!

Do you remember when Janet Jackson stepped out with the thick fabulous box braids in the movie Poetic Justice? Those beautiful box braids started a serious trend when lots of women ran out to the nearest beauty salon to duplicate the same look. I was a little too young to do that hairstyle then, but I remember my older associates rocking that tight, heavy hairstyle with a side of aspirin in their purses and their biggest set of bamboo earrings. I loved box braids then and I love them now.

Braids, cornrows, and similar styles made a resurgence in the late 90's and early 2000's with celebs like Brandy, Destiny's Child, and Alicia Keys. They fell out of the public eye for a while and now we are seeing some of our favorite celebs rocking them again! Don't call it a comeback because in my mind and my style book they never left!! I love rocking braids, cornrows, two strand twist, and Senegalese Twist. They are my favorite type of protective style and can be utilized to keep your hair healthy in these winter months.

Tips for Box Braids and other related styles...
1) Deep condition your hair before you install box braids. If your hair is really damaged, take care of the issue before you add the strain of box braids. Healthy thriving hair- go for it!!
2) Go to a braider you trust! Someone who can install the braids without adding any unnecessary damage to your hair ( ex- pulling too tight)
3) Tell your braider to "Leave My Edges Alone!!!" If you crave that finish look around the edges, slick them down with gel. Trust me, your edges will thank you.
4) Keep your hair moisturized!! Use your favorite oils and leave in conditioners to keep your hair moisturized underneath.
5) Don't rush to take them out. Experiment with different styles and let this protective style complete its purpose and really give your hair a break.
6) I know I just said not to rush to take them out, but don't keep them in forever!! Keeping braids longer than 3 months at a time can ruin your hair's health, lead to moldy hair, and can cause hair loss from tension...

*This post inspired me to get some box braids... Will update later :)
Hugs and Love!!!

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